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Avid model builder. I like building modern jets and helicopters, and real space subjects, but I’ve recently started building WWII aviation subjects. I live in Beaverton, Oregon. You can check out my modeling website:

1/48th Tamiya Fairey Swordfish with Floats

I built this little gem many years ago. I painted it with Tamiya and Alclad paints, and Automotive clear coat. I used the salt method after spraying the Alclad, letting it dry, then spraying the clear coat. After I applied the salt, I sprayed a [...]

1/48 Monogram B-58 Hustler

Here's one that I built last year. This thing was an absolute nightmare to paint. The kit has raised panel lines so I sanded them off and re-scribed them all back in. Next, came the assembly, and being an old kit, some of the pieces didn't line [...]

1/32 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6-M5 Zero

I bought this model in Paris a few years ago at a really cool hobby shop on the Left Bank. Don't know why I bought because I could have purchased it here in the States for less. Anyway, it's built straight out of the box. I used the hairspray t[...]

1/48 Hasegawa SH-3H

This was the first model I purchased after a 20 year hiatus. I started building it about 12 years ago and detailed the inside, but it turns out you can't see it through those tiny windows. I shelved it again and it sat in my storage room for yea[...]

KC-97 Refueling an F-84- 1/72 scale

This is a combination of two kits- the Academy 1/72 K-97 and I can't remember the manufacturer of the F-84 (great little kit, though). Pretty much straight out of the box with a couple of slight modifications. Both models were painted (many time[...]

1/32 Trumpeter AV-8B II Plus

I finished this one in September of this year and it wasn't without its challenges. Lots of ill-fitting parts and inaccuracies- some that were fixable, some not. I used an Aires cockpit and wheel wells. The cockpit did not fit very well and requ[...]

Chilean Air Force F-16

This is F-16 represents the 2-seater version that was sold to Chile as part of the Peace Puma program. I built it from the Academy F-16I Sufa kit. It's a really nice kit that goes together well and fairly easily. It has some things going for it [...]

1/32 Tamiya F-16U- United Arab Emirates

I built this a couple of years ago Using a Wolfpack resin conversion kit and Aires engine nozzle. It's been in Fine Scale Modeler and has won a few awards.