iModeler Show Reports

Reports from modeling shows, air displays and similar events.

P-38s @ Chino Today

Earlier this week, the question was asked,. "Do you want to fly with the P-38s this weekend?" Of course, there's only one answer to that: Hell Yes!! Of course, one must always ask the Weather God whether that will be allowed. This morning it[...]

Today in Stockholm, part 4

Last portion of some impressive aviation models from IPMS Stockholm's event today.

Today in Stockholm, part 3

Even more aircraft models from today's event 08-Open in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 2

More aircraft from today's contest in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 1

Back home aften an enjoyable day in Stockholm at a local contest that goes under a somewhat weird name 08-Open 2013. Here is some eye candy from the aircraft categories. Everybody liked the Flying Banana!

IPMS Three Rivers: TRICON 2013 Part II

Here are a few more photos from Saturdays show...since the 24-pic limit was reached on the other post. :)

IPMS Three Rivers: TRICON 2013

Saturday, March 23 saw another enjoyable TRICON come and go. There were 72 entrants, and 253 models on the tables. Lots of deals were to be had at the vendor tables, as most were independent sellers "thinning the herd". A steady stream of enth[...]