Douglas SBD3 - June 4-6, 1942 - USS Enterprise - Scouting Six - Dusty Kleiss - S-7

I'm trying to replicate this SBD3 as flown by Dusty Kleiss during the Battle of Midway. He was the only SBD pilot to land his main bomb (500 lb) on three different Japanese warships (Kaga, Hiryu and Mikuma). He flew with Scouting Six and [...]

Cindy, Pegaso Models, 80 mm

Greetings to all! I finished another piece to take a break from uniforms and weapons, reaching for the maid Cindy from the Pegaso Models company. Everything is painted with Andrea Color, I made the base from oak. Hope you like it ...

Angie, Pegaso Models 80 mm, “Angel with the Devil inside”

Hello, my friends, I've finished my first eighty millimeter figure, an angel from Pegaso Models. I used the acrylic colors of Andrea Color for painting. I made the stand out of the alder. It was a pretty nice change over all the soldiers.