iModeler updateNew user profiles, engagement insights

I am thrilled to announce another big update to iModeler. This time, it is all about enhancing your community experience by following your engagement and the response you receive on our platform. Here's what's new: We've undertaken a [...]

iModeler updateGoodbye likes, hello reactions!

Tonight I am excited to announce an upgrade that has been long in the making and one that I'm particularly happy about. In response to feedback from our users, we have replaced the old CLICK HERE TO LIKE THIS button with a set of new, more [...]

Thoughts and prayers in order

I'm not certain if this is the correct place to post this but Jim Sullivan @bentwing is in intensive care as the result of a massive heart attack. Phone calls to him are heavily discouraged by the family but emails are ok if anyone would [...]

New to your forum

I haven't built a model airplane since 1959. I stumbled across an old monogram phantom f-4 j 2 kit in the garage that I purchased 25 years ago ,Most of the pieces are all there but what is most frustrating is it is missing the [...]

Welcome to iModeler ver 3

Tonight we have concluded a series of updates that collectively amount to an important milestone in the iModeler release cycle. It combines over 100 smaller improvements and fixes, plus five major ones: iModeler now officially introduces [...]

Editor's story: How iModeler came to be

My name is Martin Waligorski and I love modeling. It has been my favorite hobby for as long as I dare to remember. My Internet adventure begun in 1996, when the web was still young, Trimaster 1/48 Fw 190s were considered the best model [...]

Scheduled maintenance (new update)

Update (Sep 2nd): After a few fixes and having followed the site closely during the last 24 hours, I believe that the new server is operating as smoothly as expected. This allows us to move on to a handful of other outstanding details. [...]

Platform update notification

Hello all. This is to inform you that we have just completed a milestone update of the site's software platform. To a casual user, the upgrade will not be noticeable, but is an important backend upgrade paving the way to better performance [...]

Douglas SBD3 - June 4-6, 1942 - USS Enterprise - Scouting Six - Dusty Kleiss - S-7

I'm trying to replicate this SBD3 as flown by Dusty Kleiss during the Battle of Midway. He was the only SBD pilot to land his main bomb (500 lb) on three different Japanese warships (Kaga, Hiryu and Mikuma). He flew with Scouting Six and [...]

Cindy, Pegaso Models, 80 mm

Greetings to all! I finished another piece to take a break from uniforms and weapons, reaching for the maid Cindy from the Pegaso Models company. Everything is painted with Andrea Color, I made the base from oak. Hope you like it ...