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Video: 1/35 FJ43 IDF by AK INTERACTIVE (video review)

New Tool, FJ43 SUV WITH SOFT TOP IDF & LAF 1/35 scale by AK INTERACTIVE, Excellent kit! Highly recommended! Decals for 3 painting/marking options: 2X FJ43 Israeli Defense Forces vehicles in IDF sand color finish. 1X Lebanese Armed [...]

Review: Mini Art 1/35 Stug III Ausf G Review

Clash of the Titans

I've always wanted to do a diorama of 2 tanks that have rammed each other and then got stuck. I'm quite happy with how this has come out. There is quite a lot going on here, but I think it captures the frenzied panic of everyone trying to [...]

Review: Meng 1/35 Mastiff II Review

M60A1 with ERA, Italian Army at Somalia 1993. Tamiya 1/35

Tamiya Kit, the decals are custom made, a lot of fun to make.

Panzer II DAK

Ciao, here my Panzer II DAK, the kit is very old and I try to obtain a decent results. The next steps is to create a desert diorama. Stay tuned Paolo

Steyr RSO 1/35 Das Werk

This is the RSO from Das Werk I finished some time ago. It had been unfinished on the shelf of shame for some time as I wanted a tarp on it but I did not know how and could not find a suitable material. Eventually I made it from thin but [...]


Ciao, hear the diorama ready for my friend Nicola. The situation is at the crossroad in Libya. Nicola was very happy for the results and….me too. Ciao Paolo

1/35 Testors/Italeri Opel Maultier & Flak 43 Trumpeter

Hi folks, another bunch saved from the shelf of doom,destined to the trash bin but retrieved just in time...both kits have its fair share of limitations but are after all presentable. Hope you like it and tks for visiting!

Tamyia 1:35 German 88 at the Kasserine pass diorama

A few years back I decided to construct a Diorama of a German 88 at the battle of the Kasserine pass. I had a Tamyia German Flack 88 North African campaign kit. The barrel was warped so I get a replacement metal barrel from Abner which was [...]