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French destroyer "Fougueux" 1942, 1/66, Full Scratch

French destroyer "Fougueux" 1942, 1/66, Full Scratch length : 1.62m width : 15 cm time taken to complete : #2000h the hull is made of aluminum, the superstructures of wood, brass, linoleum, aluminum, etc.

80 Years Ago Today… the Japanese Bombing of Darwin

On 19th of February 1942, just 73 days after the attack on Pearl Harbour (8th December 1941 Australian time) the Australian city of Darwin was bombed by the Japanese. The attack was led by Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, who had also led the [...]

LANCASTER Mk1 Heavy Bomber 1942

This is the Lancaster Bomber i built for a friend of mine in 2018. This Particular Aircraft was shot down on Dec 31st 1942 over Germany by a Me110 2 engine fighter. No one survived. Built from pine, from scratch, detailed also with the [...]