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A few First Editions left

Frozen Chosen has sold out its First Edition in 60 days. Something new for me, the publisher is very happy. The Second Edition will be twice that. I have 10 copies left of the First Edition. If you would like a signed copy, send me a [...]

It’s officially a #1 Amazon Best Seller!

Just released this past week and already a #1 Amazon Best Seller. It's going to be the basis for next year's National Memorial Day Concert on PBS, they're going to do the story of LCOL Don Carlos Faith. The book is more than the Chosin [...]

Review: Detail and Scale, F9F Cougar

I was also able to secure a copy of the Detail and Scale series on the F9F Cougar a few days ago. Greg Kittinger posted a pretty comprehensive review here, and most of my impressions mirror his. This is my first foray into an interactive [...]

Review: iBook review – F9F Cougar by Detail & Scale

As I was able to secure the F9F Cougar Detail & Scale eBook offered yesterday, I'm posting my review here. Obviously any serious modeler will be familiar with the printed versions of these books, so as to general content I'll not [...]

Detail & Scale Digital Book Offer--ALL BOOKS NOW CLAIMED!

Hello, I'm the art director for Detail & Scale. I am representing our company in this post and not, but I have discussed this posting with Martin and have the approval to post from Most are familiar with our [...]

Aces Falling: War above the Trenches, 1918

Aces Falling: War above the Trenches, 1918 by Peter Hart Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 386 pp., illustrated (hardback). RRP £22.50 (UK) In this book, Peter Hart tells the whole tragic story of the air war in 1918. Using the voices of [...]

“Fabled Fifteen” now available for pre-order in hardback!

"Fabled Fifteen: The Pacific War Saga of Carrier Air Group 15" is now available for pre-order in hardback. Casemate Publishers will release it on September 28, 2014. Casemate publishes in the US and England, so European readers [...]