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The AVG »Flying Tigers« diorama 1/48

The story of American Volunteer Group (AVG) in China is legendary and well known. For my Flying Tigers diorama I chose the scene from Loiwing in the Southeast China in april 1942. It was one of rare occasions, where different pilots and planes f[...]

1/48 Tamiya Blue Nose Bodney Diorama

When you build tanks, you have to do at least one of these….

On a small diorama. A direct hit to the engine. Everyone made it out and set new records for the fifty yard dash.. Inside the engine compartment a lot of tin foil and some wire. I didn't have to follow any specific protocol as it was blown up. [...]

Douglas A-20B Havoc desert diorama 1/48

Hi everybody! For my first article I chose my desert diorama, which was presented also in Moson model show in Hungary in april 2014. It was noticed by the editor of who gave the invitation to post the photos here. Thank you Martin![...]

Vasily Zaytsev: Second Sighting

About a year ago I posted a few images of my first figure painting, famed Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev, the bust itself modelled on the period of Stalingrad 1942. I recently used the base for this figure for the Sgt. Masterson bust (posted here[...]

Somewhere in the Pacific…

There is this isolated cove where the smaller boats and landing craft traded supplies and what ever contraband they could get there hand on. Mostly fruit, beer , and movies. Commander McHale and his crew have been known to be regulars. Highly gu[...]

Desert diorama. Or, two types of camels.

Here is a dio I built for my brother in law. He collects the expensive King and Country pre built tanks and miniatures. Here are some photos with a strange looking armored vehicle and a overall photo with a Bedouin and his camel. These are my do[...]

O’L Yellercopter..

I remember years ago seeing a scene like this in the Phoenix Arizona area and just had to try to recreate the scene. 1/35 scale , I added as much plumbing and electrical as I could remember and referenced a lot of photos. Here she is all worn[...]

How about modeling an entire airport?

Found on YouTube. This is allegedly the biggest model airport diorama in the World, displayed at MiWuLa (Miniatur Wunderland) in Hamburg. I want one!

“Big Fish” Revisited

Five months ago, I posted the Headlines article, “Big Fish” - Rotterdam Oude Haven 1952. It depicted the salvage of a Heinkel bomber (Revell 1/32 modelled) into a small Dutch port several years after WW2. Having lived with the diorama for these [...]