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WWI Austro-Hungarian hangar and airfield (Pergine, Italy, 1916) 1:72 scratchbuilt

Hi Everyone! Finally finished this quite huge project. This will be part of the collection of the new aircraft museum in Szolnok which will open (hopefully) this year. The diorama will be the part of the WWI exhibition with 10 Albatros fighters [...]

Diorama subject?

A friend posted this on our club's Facebook page, with the note, "Somebody should do a diorama..." Hmmm .....

Starting to paint figures.

I have been adding figures to my models to crease the look and feel. I have practiced and now I am satisfied with my style and way of painting figures. I do not do it the most artistic way. At first I sat with a book and webpages open to figu[...]

Amazing naval diorama – Kamikaze attack on USS Missouri, 11 April 1945

The fabulous naval diorama of Operation Ten-Go (the last sortie of the Battleship Yamato) by @anthonyp Anthony Polychroniadis reminded me of anoter naval diorama seen in Telford last year which commemorated a moment from the same battle and on[...]

1/350 Tamiya Yamato (new tool) & Monochrome Suzutsuki

A diorama with the subject "Getting under way for Operation Ten-Ichi-Go", Yamato's last sortie in the spring of 1945. I made an effort to accurize the ships in order to depict them correctly as they would have been fitted at that time as per the[...]

As promised…Winter dio with my clients tanks & stuff.

My client is my brother n law. I also included all of the dioramas I have built for him. Along with some photos of his WW II collection of German uniforms and helmets and things. Note the tan jacket is made out of tent material. His collection [...]

Volkssturm 1/35

After i bought a beautiful Tamiya IS-2, i decided to try and depict harsh conditions of Berlin fighting and the fact that the young and the old defended the city side by side with the soldiers. I started with the stairs idea, i liked a few photo[...]

“Pachydermia” – somewhere in burma 1942 – Supermarine Walrus aka “Shagbat” finished with diorama

This is the last part of my Matchbox Walrus MK I. build. The diorama - where an elephant tows a walrus :D - finished so the name "Pachydermia" :). I made a lot effort into this kit but the ugliness and the same time somehow impressive stance o[...]

Shagbat MK I. 1:72 – Matchbox – Part 3. – making a diorama

The plan - building a Walrus in 1:72 - based on a photo I found in an article and I fell in love with the theme, an elephant tows a Walrus somewhere in Burma (well this is my third plane towing diorama so may something wrong with me :) ). The si[...]

My winter diorama is finished!

This has been a long journey. I usually don't post my projects from start to finish, but you can go to the diorama section and see where I started. This has been a challenge, but very rewarding. This is built for my brother n laws King and Coun[...]