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Well It’s only been a year!…………

Since I received this fine model from Martin. This was from one of our contests. So, here is what I have done. Lengthened the rail bed by one third. Scratch built a basic interior. I searched but could not find any interior photos. So this was [...]

KC-97 Refueling an F-84- 1/72 scale

This is a combination of two kits- the Academy 1/72 K-97 and I can't remember the manufacturer of the F-84 (great little kit, though). Pretty much straight out of the box with a couple of slight modifications. Both models were painted (many time[...]

Soviet Aerosan diorama

I got a commission from a military magazine to build a diorama with three different Aerosans. The deadline was short, I started the build last Tuesday and finished it yesterday with one day to spare... Phew! The kits are from Trumpeter, and was [...]

Bloody Nose Ridge Peleliu

The 1st Marines had taken on one of the roughest assignments ever given to a Marine regiment, conducting one of the most fiercely aggressive fights ever waged against an equally determined and savage adversary. They had destroyed over 145 Japane[...]

Porky’s last ride – 1/35 scale diorama

I just wanted to share this diorama with everyone. It is set "somewhere" in France in 1944. A local cafe was komandeerd as a field HQ. Running out of army rations Private Hans kidnapped Porky to add to the potato and bread menu. The motorcycles [...]

Smolensk 1941 diorama

High fello plastic bashers lol. I picked this mirage diorama kit whilst in America and now I'm home I've begun building it. The kit is made by Mirage hobbies and this case depicts a scene from the battle for Smolensk in 1941 although the base th[...]

U.S. Marine Stretcher Team on Iwo Jima

This is a small diorama depicting a Navy Corpsman with fellow Marines carrying a wounded man. The Corpsmen risked their lives going for the wounded. The Japanese said that if they killed a corpsman 10 Marines would die. This is a small triibute [...]

Dioramas. Attention – the 43rd scale!)))

Hello! This time, I want to present the work of another of my friend. He's a big fan of 43rd scale! Enjoy watching!

WWI Austro-Hungarian hangar and airfield (Pergine, Italy, 1916) 1:72 scratchbuilt

Hi Everyone! Finally finished this quite huge project. This will be part of the collection of the new aircraft museum in Szolnok which will open (hopefully) this year. The diorama will be the part of the WWI exhibition with 10 Albatros fighters [...]

Diorama subject?

A friend posted this on our club's Facebook page, with the note, "Somebody should do a diorama..." Hmmm .....