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Tiger in the (Deeper) Woods

About eighten months ago, I posted an article here, with photographs of an armour diorama, depicting a Konigstiger making its way through scrubby Ardennes forest in December, 1944. Also modelled - a few troops, including a hapless motorbike ride[...]

“zu Fuß” a Hs129 retreating in the desert in 1942 – on foot :)

Hi! This is my second Hs-129 this time in 1:72. I bought the Italeri kit AFTER built the 1:48 Hasegawa one :) so that was clear soon that I had to make something different from this err... not so good kit. I intended to go a little ”cross-genre”[...]

This is pretty darned cool!

Rod Stewart’s Hidden Beverly Hills Railroad “I pity a man who doesn’t have a hobby like this one,it’s just the most supreme relaxation,” Stewart said of the train modeling passion he’s devoted decades of his life to. “Every person should have[...]

The Mysterians!

Love them or hate them, TOHO Company movies of the 1950's were popular in Japan and the USA. Films like Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Battle in Outer Space and King Ghidorah generated huge revenues for the Japanese film studios. Every movie had a "s[...]

Tip-Tow Project

The Tip-Tow project, MX-1016, a contract with Republic Aviation, was one of a number of experiments undertaken during the late 1940s and into the 1950s. The object of the experiments was to find some method of increasing the notoriously short ra[...]

Royal Netherlands Naval Air Station “DE KOOY” 1967

Naval Air Staion "De Kooy" is located just outside the Naval base of Den Helder in the Northern tip of the Netherlands. The diorama shows two search and rescue helikopters. Also on the tarmac is the crew bus and the Landrover ambulance. German[...]

For the Motherland!

Multimedia installation on a Russian theme. За Родину!

Get in the tank! ….And stop acting like Babys! single photo…

I just love throwing a wrench in here and there. Oops. spanners for our British readers. California Steve

‘An Inglorious End’ – Scratch built 1/32 B-17 Fortress Diorama

Hi guys - this is one I finished last year. It's a 1/32 Fortress, scratch built and based on the old Combat Models vacform. Total construction time was 18 months. The HK Models kit was released about a year into the project, and my build feature[...]

Underwater target located Captain……but there is more….

What has come over me? I just had to do this Sea Quest DSV model. You know me, it had to have LEDs. and on and on.. Detailed the cockpit with a driver and took some photos just for fun. I also scratch built some arms with grab hands. I went for [...]