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Eduard model kits

Fokker E. V, Eduard, 1:48, pilot Gefr. Kurt Blümener, Jasta 6,

The first model this year was a very pleasant relaxing build to be of greater problems. I can only recommend it for lovers of the great war planes who don't like strings. Although the Fokker E.V, better known as the D.VIII, still remains [...]


Happy 2024 to all and much productive bench time. As Always...KEEP IT FUN! 2023 Output. Model Shipway's 18th Century Long Boat HALBERD MODELS 1/48 LIMITED EDITION RESIN PIPER ENFORCER / EDUARD 1/48 F-6D/K No.82103 Tamiya 1/48U.S. M20 [...]

Review: Eduard continues to own the Wildcat

Eduard brought out the "classic" F4F-4 Wildcat, following that with the first really accurate FM-2 "Wilder Wildcat" in any scale, and then stealing Tamiya's fire about updating their 30 year old F4F-4 as an FM-1 with an [...]

Hannover CL III, 1:48 Eduard, pilot Rudolf Hager, observer Otto Weber, Schlasta 20

I hesitated for a while whether to display this model. After my return to modeling a year and a half ago, I decided on the planes of the great war, which attracted me since childhood. Above all, I wanted to test myself if I could master [...]

TBD-1 Devastator and the Year Ahead

I have decided to call the Great Wall TBD-1 Devastator done though there are a few little details to fix, like the PE pitot probes that decided to get eaten by the carpet monster at the last minute. Overall the kit is pretty good. Link to [...]

Eduard FM-2 Wildcat, 1/48, 'The Wilder Wildcat'

When Eduard released their first F4F-3 Wildcat I bought it straight away and love the model they provided, a great little kit with amazing details and a pain-free good fitting build process. We knew they were planning on doing a whole line [...]

Albatros D. III, Eduard, 1:48, pilot Lt. Ernst Hess, Jasta 28w, 17 victories.

I recently saw here a beautifully built Albatros D.III by Paul van Acker. I liked it so much that I built it in the same coloring. Very nice build, I just sanded the whole hull and carved new panels and added new engine covers. Lines are [...]

Sopwith Triplane 1-48, Eduard, Flt Charles Dawson Booker, 8 Sqn. RNAS, 29 victories

This is my last rebuild from an old wreck by Eduardo. Next time I will only devote it to the new beautiful kits that I have in my stash. As usual, the wreck was taken apart, cleaned and reassembled with lots of missing details added. Motor [...]

1/48 Wildcat VI (FM-2).

I finally got to build my first Eduard Wildcat. Eduard hit a home run with this one. Not only is it an accurate FM-2, but Eduard really raised the bar for 1/48 Wildcats. This kit renders the Tamiya Wildcat obsolete and in my opinion [...]

1/48 Kosciusko Squadron Oeffag Albatros D.III

Eduard kit. I added a Quickboost seat and exhausts. Tamiya acrylic paints and Mike Grant decals for the unit insignia (all other markings painted). A very satisfying model building experience.