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Cold War Gone Hot – The Venlo Counter Strike

I decided to have a change of pace just lately. This is the Mini-art Dutch house. I've always been a great fan of some of the "Cold War gone hot" books such as Gen. "Shan" Hacketts "Third World War" and "Third World War - The Untold Story". I'm[...]

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“where is joe”

The Creators: The diorama was made by Luc de Dapper, chairman of the Eeklo (Belgium) scale model club and Marc De Greave, famous in Belgium for its ability to create figurines, starting from a bended paperclip. The intention was to create a dio[...]

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Last Orders

This winter diorama is made using Miniart's Russian Field Kitchen (Winter) set, Tamiya's German Assault Infantry set (Winter), and Trumpeter's Aerosan (posted recently in its own right during WiP stage). The Russian boy and Snowman are a new Sta[...]