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RealSpace Atlas V

The Atlas V is the last of the Atlas family of launch vehicles, produced by the Lockheed Martin-Boeing collaboration United Launch Alliance (ULA). After 99 successful launches out of 99 attempts, it is slated for replacement by ULA's [...]

RealSpace Delta II

The McDonnell-Douglas Delta II was a multi-stage, medium lift, expendable launch vehicle used from 1989 until 2018. It was used to send payloads to low Earth, geosynchronous, and heliocentric orbits, including the Kepler space telescope, [...]

1/24 RealSpace Pioneer 10

NASA’s Pioneer 10 was the first space probe to study the outer planets. Launched in 1972, it traversed the asteroid belt and made its closest approach to Jupiter nearly two years later, at a distance of 82K miles. It beamed back this [...]

RealSpace Gemini Titan 1/72

“After the flight our superiors at NASA let us know in no uncertain terms that non-man-rated corned beef sandwiches were out for future space missions.” – Gus Grissom, Gemini 3 astronaut Project Gemini was the decisive series of [...]