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Seafire Fr 47: Korea: The Forgotten War Group Build

April 24, 2022 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.9K

Hi All,

My latest post is my build from the, : The Forgotten War, group build.

Thank you to Louis Gardner for setting up the Korea group.

Thank you to Spiros Pendedekas for letting me build the Griffon engine in the Aeroengines group build.

Thank you to all who followed along on those groups.

The subject of my build, the Supermarine Fr 47, is the final variant in the long line of Supermarine's production.
Seafire Fr 47's were powered with Rolls Royce Griffon 87 and 88 engines which rotated contra-rotating propellers. The Seafires also had hydraulically powered folding wings. Two key features incorporated in my build.

During the Korean War Royal Navy Squadron 800 was equipped with Seafire Fr 47's and flown from HMS Triumph in 1950. While the Seafire's were only used for a brief time the Squadron flew 245 offensive patrols and 115 ground attack sorties. Eventually the Triumph was replaced by HMS Theseus wich flew Sea Fury's and Fireflies. In 1951 all Seafires were withdrawn from front line service.

If interested, and because they can say it better than I can, this link will provide a more in depth history:

Today only one Seafire Fr 47 exits and is owned and operated by Stonehenge Air Museum located in Montana, USA.

Kit and Aftermarket Parts:
, Supermarine Seafire Fr.47
Aires Cockpit and Engine sets
Barracuda Fr.47 Contra Prop Blades
Squadron vacuform canopy

Kits-World Post War Supermarine Seafires
Fundekals Roundels from the Sea Fury set
Kit decals for common markings

Mr Surfacer 1500 Gray primer
AK Real Colors RC290 RAF Sky mixed with some flat white to lighten the color.
AK Real Colors RC295 RAF Extra Dark Sea Grey

Glossed with Pledge/Mr Color Leveling Thinner for decal application.
Semi Gloss with VMS Varnish, Satin

Weathering was accomplished with artist oil umber wash.

For more details on the builds, check out:

Thanks for checking out my Seafire Fr 47, hope you like it.

Until next time and as always KEEP IT FUN!

LOL...after posting and cleaning up the remaining kit, I realized I never added the cockpit door. Sucks to get old! I will add it soon and update this posting...

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19 responses

  1. A superb result, Gary!
    A joy to follow your thread!

  2. Top work Gary, thumbs up!

  3. You nailed it Gary. Top notch. Thanks for including that video.

  4. Well done Gary, love the video nice touch of a Seafire in flight very unique have to say. Inspirational build as I have this kit that will definitely be a future build. Thanks for the heads up on the issues. Excellent finish as well. Thanks for sharing. You nailed it.

  5. Very nice, well detailed, well painted. A fine piece of work brother

  6. Nice work, Gary. Love the engine.

  7. Amazing work all-round on your Seafire, Gary. Great addition to the Group Build.
    Wings up = TOUCHDOWN!

  8. A real beauty! Awesome build.

  9. Excellent result, Gary @gwskat
    The folded wings do give the looks of this kit a lot extra.

  10. Great result Gary (@gwskat). I fully agree with John (@johnb). Nice contribution to the team-build.

  11. Exceptional, period...!

  12. Very good work on this Gary.

  13. That's a great-looking Seafire! Well done.

  14. Thank you All for your comments. Much appreciated.

  15. Very well done on the engine especially! This is absolutely top notch!

  16. Now it's completed...door included!

    Thanks again, All

  17. Gary,
    I want to start out by thanking you for your support with our Korean War group build. I am sincerely thankful to have good friends like you.

    You have done your typical magnificent work on your Seafire. All of these upgrades you have incorporated have bumped this model up several notches from excellent. I mentioned that I have this exact same kit and it was started as part of the 100 Years of the RAF, but it was never finished.

    After looking at how nice yours looks, I have been toying around with the idea of finishing mine up. However mine will definitely be box stock.

    I definitely checked the “like” box. Your comments about the side door brought a chuckle to me.

    Thanks again buddy.

  18. Really fine build.A source of reference.I built a Mk46 from a Spitfire 22 airframe and spares from Sword kits.Will do a little work on it so it masquerades as a Korean war Mk 47. Model making a challenge for me (Tremors).Would prefer alteration without stripes! Brain working slowly today.However a EUREKA thought...Before stripes painted on and going into action!

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