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Next lot of Battle of Britain Builds

Following on from my post last week with the first of my series from MAI this year, here are the next four builds which appeared in the May to August issues. The builds are:

Bristol converted to a 1F.
Boulton Paul Mk1
Classic Airframes Dornier Do17z
Junkers Ju87R

I'm currently building the new Airfix Defiant for Airfix Model World but you'll have to wait till the magazine is out before I can tell you anything about it or post pictures, for now suffice to say I wish I'd had it a few months ago. The new ICM Do17 also makes the Classic Airframes kit redundant, I'll be building one of those as a comparison but again, I wish I'd had one a few months ago! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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  1. More great finishes, Alan. Beaufighter looks particularly nice.

  2. Nice colection

  3. Keep them coming, Alan. It's such a pleasure to watch these models.

  4. Alan, you gave me a turn, I first thought you'd done the Hobbycraft "banana" DO-17! Whew! Whatta relief!

    Or as somebody said (about difficult kits in general) "prepare tp practice bleeding".

    The whole lot look really good, and the availavle kits - Defiant and Do, probably weren't the easiest to do, either.

    For some reason, I just like the Stuka. It has that pterodactl look to it, and is a contender for inclusion in any list of "scary looking aircraft"! Nothing cute about it, which is the point. Real nice, clean build. The squadron insignia is a new on to me.

    Beaufighter! Black overall isn't easy, but you got it.

    Beautiful work!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you liked the builds.
    Bernard: I haven't come across the Hobbycraft Do17 myself, just heard of its reputation! I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to the Stuka, it just didn't seem that appealing at first but as the build went on it really grew on me, it ended up one of my favourites

    • Alan, take a look at the build report on the Hobbycraft DO-17 on Swannys Models, and see what I mean.
      Yeah, despite it's evil rep, there's just something about that Stuka.
      Unique looking aircraft, the word sinister seems coined for it.

  6. Nice work, each and every one, Alan...and equally nice photography.

  7. Each one looks excellent!

  8. Alan, Nice work all around, but I have to agree with Bernard, the Stuka just has that special look for some reason.

  9. Again excellent work on this series of aircraft Alan, I particularly like the Do-17Z, I have built the Hobbycraft kit waaay back in the 90's when it came out. Of course there was not much on it back then in any kind of review our critique. I built it and I still have it sitting next to a Stuka, Bf-109's and a couple of Fw-190's. Didn't care had fun building what was quite unusual at the time, you can see the posting of it here on iModeler. I would probably have to get the Classic Airframes kit to compare what the discrepancies are. Or how off it is. At the end of the day it looks like a Do-17Z sitting next to it's brethren. Again amazing builds Alan, thanks for sharing.


  10. Great builds all, like your style. Especially given the quality of the "Classics". What strikes me is how the Beaufighter looks so much more 'next generation" than the other designs, almost out of place.

  11. Very nice builds - what scale?

  12. Really impressed with these four builds Alan Price...uniformly high quality, exceptionally clean style...
    Hard to choose a favorite of these 4 beauties. I have to declare a strong RCAF/RAF and V-V S (Soviet) WW2 planes bias. Of course where doubt exists, I always default to the Boulton-Paul Defiant !...LOL, tho' Beaufighter in black is classy too.Cheers form Canada.

  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, I'll post some pictures of the final four builds in the next few days.

  14. Very nice, beautiful collection ! Waiting for the final 4 builds in future days...

  15. Very very nice kits. 🙂

  16. Nice and cleab builds! Grat!

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