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Truck Overload

September 25, 2021 · in Automotive · · 52 · 2.9K

Like my last overload project this one takes things a little further. The scale is , simply because, I had this vehicle on hand, that I did not know what to do with it. So I turn it from being a military to a civilian vehicle instead. This brand of trucks are sometimes used in the African regions so I thought I would use it for this build. I used whatever fits the bill, from old clothing, rubber, tissue paper, plastic, and odds and ends that I had saved in my 'box of tricks', to get the job done. I even added a toilet bowl to throw in some interest. The plastic yellow/orange containers are used a lot in many regions in Africa, so I painted and added them to the mix of odds and ends. I want to thank Ulf Lindgren for sending me the containers. These were 3d printed. He did and amazing job with the fine details of the containers. The drawings were provided by another great modeler, Peter Olsson. Thanks guys.

Note. I just noticed, I had forgotten to shave off the thin rubber in the middle of the tyre on top of the cab. Will try and shave it off. Otherwise, it was a fun build. Thanks for looking.

Btw, since the photos were taken, I have since shaven off the seam on the tyre and moved it into the cargo bay.

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  1. That is very cool Charles @tiking ! Quite a little project; great result! 🙂

  2. Every inch is used to get this truck loaded, Charles @tiking
    An impressive build with a lot of beautiful details.

  3. ,,,

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Cannot get more loaded, Charles!
    Beautiful, inspiring job, as always!

  5. Charles, @tiking, I always look forward to your posts! This is no exception, it is just fantastic. So much eye candy. So much to take in and admire. Your attention to all the fun details on your offbeat projects just makes this another winner! Great job.

  6. Awesome, Charles. Careful loading, indeed.

    Reminds me of my SUV during our recent move...kind of.

  7. Amazing work once again, Charles.
    Just looking at your build, I can hear the engine howling and the gears grinding.

  8. Nice one, a modern day Beverly Hillbilly truck.

  9. Wow, amazing work!

  10. I'd hate to make a turn at a speed higher than 2mph in that condition!
    More Charles King superbness.

  11. Another knockout. Love the commode above the cab and those two guys sitting up on top. Incredible detail. You captured the spirit of those photos you have on the base.

  12. The neat thing . . . one would think that Imagineering plays a huge part of this build. But, you visit youtube and they show an endless amount of material showing truck fails or over loaded trucks with all sorts of things for loads. Too many bricks, sticks and bails etc,etc. Therefore, one's imagination or fantasy is pretty close to reality.

    Two thumbs up Charles.

    Reality what a concept.

  13. Thumbs up Charles @tiking such a great concept again. I look at this model, I know it was you! 😉

  14. Can't think of anything to add to the above comments. Keep that imagination going Charles.

  15. Love it. The toilet is a great touch.

  16. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice accomplishment Charles.

  17. This is great Charles ,I've had the dubious pleasure of being driven through Cairo in what seemed like rush hour to me although it could have been normal crazy traffic for all I know and I have seen trucks laden almost to this level, so although this terrific build of yours is slightly comical it is also more accurate than some viewers here might think.

  18. Another amazing build, I love it! I would not want to be that guy all the way on top...but like what you have replied on earlier comments, I can see this happen in real live.

  19. This is outstanding, Charles (@tiking). It is like the Beverly Hillbillies on steroids.

  20. So much to take in, as always, one detail I particularly like is the differently coloured cab doors, definitely liked.

    • Thank you George. Me too. I wish I had gone with the idea of painting the roof cab as well, yellow. I wasn't too sure at the time, but I should have went with it. It would have broken up the monotone red color a bit more.

  21. All I can say is, there is NO WAY that guy on top stays up there for more than 100' of road!

  22. OK, you are out of control now, Mr King! In such a good way! This is way cool!

  23. Great stuff yet again, original and unique. You are right about the various 3D printed stuff it really lifts it.
    And of course respect to all of those amazing truck loaders who defy gravity and axel strength to stack en high.

  24. A piece of its own, congratulations Charles!
    One more carpet loaded and everything would have fallen down...but then, it would turn to be a diorama...

  25. Charles, @tiking
    I had a flashback to Nov. 1988 on the (then) East/West German border when I was still Army. When the "wall" came down it seemed like every E. German refugee who could drive his little Trabbie (Trabant) to the West gathered up his kids, wife, dogs, cats, and personal belongings and stuck them all on the roof on those little 2 cylinder cars that made a VW Bug look big. Sooo many of those vehicles looked almost exactly like this GREAT truck you've done. What memories!

    As usual, your work is stellar. Well done, Sir!

    • Jeff, it's short stories like, going down memory lane, that puts a smile on my face, when people see my work. Thank you and appreciate hearing things like this. 🙂 God bless.

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