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On This Day…March 13th

This Corsair (KD578 'L') of the 1843 Naval Air Squadron hit the aft ramp of HMS Arbiter, breaking the tail oleo off, before breaking through second and third barriers. The carrier was en route to Australia on March 13th, 1945. The pilot Sub-Lt[...]

On This Day…March 9th

‘Silver Dollar’ was lost in action on 9th March, 1944 on a raid on the Heinkel Aircraft Factory. She was hit by the bombs from a B-17 above, went into a violent tailspin, and hit the ground. The Missing Air Crew Report is below... ___________[...]

On This Day…February 8th

More diorama bait... Ground crew mechanics at Laredo Army Air Field, Texas, give a Consolidated B-24 Liberator a complete overhaul before flight, 8th February 1944. Source; ‘Flight’ February 8th, 1968 8th February 1940: A flight of [...]

On This Day…February 6th

On the night of February 6, 1941, this Wellington Mk.IC (No. RAF L7842) belonging to No. 311 (Czechoslovakian) Squadron RAF flew on a mission to bomb a target in the area of Boulogne, France. During the sortie, the aircraft had to force land ([...]

1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk. Ia

This is the brand new Airfix Mk. Ia/Ic kit. What a treat this one is! Packed into this 1/72 scale Wellington is a complete interior. I built the Mk. Ia version because the extensive fuselage glazing isn’t painted over. I wanted to see how the [...]

Trumpeter 1:48 Scale, Vickers ‘Wellington’ Mk.1c

Finally calling this one done. Great model, lots of fun to build, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got the kit at a show up in Poughkeepsie, NY, off a table set up by the sponsoring clubs members. Wasn't to familiar with the 'Wellington', but the[...]

On This Day…November 7th.

Originally a passenger ship for operating on the Black Sea, the hospital ship 'Armenia' was sunk on 7th November 1941 by a German torpedo armed Heinkel He 111 while evacuating civilians, hospital staff, and wounded soldiers from the Crimea. Even[...]

Italeri (MPM) 1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk.X – RAF100 GB

Designed to a specification for a heavy bomber first issued in 1932, the first Wellington prototype flew in 1934. It was the second airplane to use the revolutionary geodetic construction system first created by Barnes Wallis for the R-100 airs[...]

Trumpeters Wellington Mk III.

Hi friends! I guess some of you know that this build was my "FRYING PAN CHALLENGE". Yesterday was spent planting grass on the base plate. As you can see, I made some low valleys and hills in the plate, to give it a bit more life. The gra[...]

THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE! Part 5. Model finished. Challenge met.

Is that correct English by the way? Do you "meet" a challenge? Anyway, here she is. Since the last post, I've worked with thin mists of various colors over the paintwork and with artists colored pencils on the decals, to bleach her and to add[...]
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