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Airfix 1/72 Vickers Wellington GR Mk.VII

What a sweet kit this was to build. No issues regarding fit other than those I created myself. When you consider how much goes into the internals it's a credit to Airfix that it goes together so well. Primed with Mr. Finishing Surfacer [...]

1/48 Vickers Wellington Mk Ic

Hello The kit is from Trumpeter and the decals are from Techmod. The aircraft flew with 311(Czechoslovak) Squadron, England, March, 1941. The kit is very nicely detailed, complete interior, unfortunately you can't see it at the end. The [...]

1/72 Airfix Wellington

In the recent postings of the great vintage kits here, I thought I'd share one of my presents of the past Christmas. Last October I was scanning EBAY and spotted a mint condition 1959 Airfix Wellington kit. I happened to mention to my [...]

Vickers Wellington Mk.Ic, Polish 301st squadron, Trumpeter 1/72

Herewith I present you the Vickers Wellington Mk.Ic from the Polish 301st squadron as used in September 1942. At first I had the idea to build it straight out of the box but since it was a gift from my daughter I decided to make it even [...]

Airfix 1/72 Wellington Mk 1a/c "R" Robert

Alongside my He111, I'm also making the Airfix new mould kit. I'm going to be doing "R" Robert. I will therefore be building her in the Mk1a configuration. The actual aircraft was recovered from Loch Ness back in the 1980's and [...]

“Give me night, or give me Blücher!”

My version of David Grieve’s 1/9 scale Blücher. Painted in oils.

On This Day…May 31st.

British Expeditionary Forces try to stand down after being evacuated from Dunkirk, May 31st, 1940. By the date alone, you can see where this story is heading to. US. Army Air Force Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress bombers of the 431st [...]

On This Day…May 24th.

The Battle of the Denmark Strait was a short, intense encounter that was a humanitarian disaster for the Royal Navy. In the early hours of May 24th 1941, the HMS Hood was sunk and with 1,418 souls on board, a staggering and scarcely [...]

1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk. Ia

This is the brand new Airfix Mk. Ia/Ic kit. What a treat this one is! Packed into this 1/72 scale Wellington is a complete interior. I built the Mk. Ia version because the extensive fuselage glazing isn’t painted over. I wanted to see [...]

Trumpeter 1:48 Scale, Vickers ‘Wellington’ Mk.1c

Finally calling this one done. Great model, lots of fun to build, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got the kit at a show up in Poughkeepsie, NY, off a table set up by the sponsoring clubs members. Wasn't to familiar with the 'Wellington', [...]