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2017……………. A modeling Year in Review.

This year was a great building year for me...better than most, and quite possibly the best ever... This was thanks mostly to several Group Builds that were part of this year. I want to take this time to thank everyone involved here. [...]

A year in Review 2017-

This year by far was the most satisfying when it came to actually building and completing projects. Not only getting close to building what I had planned but a few more as well unplanned builds when GB's were announced. Such as the Midway [...]

2017, a look in the rear view mirror...

Hello fellow plastic-hedz! Merry Christmas to everyone! 2017 has been a better year than I thought it was going to be. Six completions, and one at about 95%. I hope to have her done too, bringing the total up to seven. However, [...]

My 2017

This has been one of my best years for modelling with many projects comming to fruition. It has been a year of experimentation and leaving my comfort zone way in the distance. I have to say, it's been fun! I would encourage all of you [...]


Probably the fewest completions in a long time, but then there were the major completions of "Pacific Thunder" and the upcoming "Tidal Wave," as well as another project not to be spoken of yet, so I had good [...]

2017…a review

2017 has been, to be honest, one of the most productive in,oh,a while. 2 major re-hauls (Komet and Gekko) and 4 finished pieces (Baghdad Taxi, 2x Me109 and a King Tiger), Cant say Im not happy 🙂 Was a fun and eventful year and has [...]

Year in Review – 2017

Two very long and involved builds with HMS Victory and the subsequent addition of long boats, and the large scale Sopwith Camel, then a figure revamp and a Review piece, a flying bus, and a floaty thing in sea spray... hmmm... reads not so [...]

The year in review, 2017

It was a busy year for me, especially with family and work. Even so, I managed to get three models done, all in 1/48. The Pogo was a what if that started out to be a scale project and turned into more fun than anyone should expect to [...]

A year in review - 2017

Hi everyone! As I build mostly in 1:72 and sometimes OOB, I've had quite a good output in the previous years, not falling below 1 model per month. Well, 2017 proved to be slightly different. I've started my approach procedural air traffic [...]

2017 in review

Shamefully slack on building kits this year myself (rock bands 'll do that to ya). But I did managed to complete two in 1/72 scale, paint three big RC Astro Hogs, and fix up a few more older builds for re-shoots. Seasons Greetings to all !