Completed models for 2015!

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I managed to get four kits done this year.

First is the , 1:32 scale, Stormovik. This one was the single seat on skis. Good kit, with a couple of fit issues with the outer wing panels, but I enjoyed building it, and will build another, hopefully the two seat version.

Number two, is 's fantastic -3, "" in 1:48 scale. A beautiful kit that really builds well. I thought the detail was a little soft in the cockpit, and the prop hub is, "eh", but again, a real beauty

Third, is another F6F, this time a late -5. This kit has the same issues as the "-3", and it too is a beautiful kit. I love those Eduard "Hellcats"...

Fourth is the Hobby Boss FM-2, "", in 1:48. The kit itself, OOB is a real disappointment when compared to other "Wildcats" in this same scale. Even the other Hobby Boss releases better represent the aircraft they are designed after. I had to use Vector's correction set on the forward fuselage, cowl, prop, wheels, control surfaces, cockpit (Borrowed from the Sword kit) and engine. Still I enjoyed the build and it came out pretty good.

Thanks again for looking at my post, and I hope you all have a great evening.

Freddie from LI

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  1. I like the Grumman birds a lot, but that rather unique finish on the Stormovic has be to expound on that for those of us uneducated on the type? Thanks.

    • Model is painted in Model Master Enamels, and it is Topside Green over light blue. On top of that, is a thinned coat of Camouflage Grey, used as a winter distemper. I then beat up the winter coat with 800 grit sandpaper to wear the white paint...(in the direction of the airflow). I also used thinned oils and pastel chalks for the other weathering. Hope that helps Craig, and thanks for the kind words too!

  2. Love your Hellcats. But what is the issue regarding the prop hubs?

    • I think that the level of the mold could have been better, more crisp, if that makes any sense? It's nitpicking to be sure, but if you look at the prop and hub on a Tamiya kit, a Hasegawa kit or even the old Otaki kit of the F6F itself, the hub looks way more detailed and clean. Still, Eduard's F6F is the best in any scale by a wide margin.

  3. A very nice outpit ! I concur with Eduards Hellcat kits, really nice kits and easy to build as well with the HB Wildcat kits, at first cheap and they look nice in the box but they need more than the usual TLC to get a pleasing result out of it.

  4. Great builds for the year!

  5. Great builds, Well done.

  6. Good work for 2015, let's see some more in 2016!

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice models, the weathering is very well done, looking forward to your work in this new year.

  8. Nice colection

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