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2017 build plan

So, taking a leaf from Greg's book - I have decided to commit to a model plan. I think it's an interesting idea to set out what you hope to do and see where you get to at the end of the year. It works generally in life so it should work in plastic, no?

First up will be finishing the old . I love putting these old kits together - they connect with that childhood wonder in a way that the 'shake and bakes' don't (not that I'm adverse to a 'Tamigawa'). And isn't that wonder what a lot of us are trying to catch again?

I'm finally going to make the 'Big E' - and if all goes well, I plan to display it alongside an LED lit version of the original series Starship Enterprise (also in 1/350) to make up an interesting duo.

I've already started a airborne diorama of the 'higher call' story (Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown) with a B17 and an Me 109 G6. I love this piece of history - if you haven't read the book, please do yourself a great favour. Somehow, in special circumstances, war can bring out the very best of man alongside the horror.

The Me262 for me is a gorgeous, evocative, and technologically incredible aircraft. I've been meaning to build this 1/32 for a while - if I can decide from about 14 colour schemes, that is. May have to build them all. If I don't go to the great sprue in the sky first...

The 1/32 just pushes the same buttons as the Lightning I'm working on. A vintage kit that I want to challenge myself with and recapture some of of that 11 year old magic.

The Spitty? Everyone has to build one, don't they? I want to make the Aussie 'Grey Nurse' version of this; always had a thing for those shark mouths.

Finally - I have to try and build the 'Kelly's Heroes' scene (nod to George H - always with the negative waves, Moriarty) with the Tiger and Sherman. Great film, great set piece, more great memories.

So, that's the plan. We'll see...

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  1. Errr ,so what is it ?

  2. Now that's a gaggle of good looking models! I'd follow that 'Follow Me' just about anywhere!
    Keep 'em coming!

  3. That Tamiya Spitfire is one sweet kit, believe me! A word of caution however - it could've been (and probably was) just me, but the cowlings are are a bit tricky to get to fit properly - especially incorporating those little magnets.

  4. Best of luck to ya!

  5. Craig, I made the 1/32 Tamiya Mossie and what a beauty she was to build. The magnets in that kit and the thinness of the cowlings were a wonder to behold. The whole thing went together so well it felt like cheating.

    I think with the Spitty I'll be closing her up to get the most from the shark mouth. I might build the Merlin as a separate model!

  6. Got your work cut out for you! You definitely like larger scale kits, so that's a lot of shelf space that will be consumed by year's end! Looking forward to seeing each one come off the assembly line (or should I say the craftsman's shop floor?).

  7. Thanks. Will post the final few stages of the Lightning and then on to the 'higher call' diorama next week. I have my own space so 1/32 isn't really a problem, thankfully. I think after the B17/109 build I'll be ready for the Big E. Of course, that's the plan until someone one shows a WIP and I think, "oh, I have got to try that!"

    Plenty of inspiration/distraction on this site.

  8. I don't know if you've had a good look yet at the hull of that Merit Enterprise, but you're going to need the big industrial-size tube of Bondo to get it to look like anything resembling a ship's hull. The i****s managed to make different size plates that stick out about a scale 3 feet all over it. Filling it in and sanding it out should keep you off the streets and out of trouble for a good month. I got the Yorktown and after one look was fortunately able to trade it away. Sad.

  9. Hi Tom.
    Yes, I couldn't believe the 'plating' issue - and this is the main reason the kit has been in the stash for so long despite being a huge Enterprise fan. I'd thought of getting a Yorktown and converting...

    You're right, at least the sanding, dremelling, and puttying will keep me out of trouble. And in a twisted way I'm looking forward to it. Which reminds me to get that tooth looked at...

  10. That's ambition! Just a tip on the Spitfire, you can't make an Australian bird from that Mk. IX kit. RAAF flew Vc and VIII models. The Mk.VIII was similar to the IX but had longer ailerons, a retractable tail wheel, and usually featured the pointed rudder.

  11. Just a bit of advice on that Revell 1/32 Hawker Hurricane. If you plan on building it as a Mk.IIc, don't. An accurate Mk.IIC cannot be built from this kit. However, if you cut off the cannons, you can build a pretty nice Mk.I

  12. Hi John,

    Thanks for the heads-up regarding the differences between the VIII and the IX. Well, bollocks - that'll be another £80 to Mr Tamiya! The IX I have comes with an optional pointy rudder (which I love on a Spitfire) but you're right, I'd have to make several changes to a beautiful kit. Plan B...

  13. Seamus,

    This kit was always going to be a chop shop build and I guess that now she'll be a Mark I, it may be a good excuse to use the early BoB black/white underside colour scheme? Thanks for the advice! Really appreciated.

  14. Your plane looks impressive, especially that Enterprise, this would take months ... Keeping fingers crosss... I made plan for this this year too and... it works... Two kit are done and two others just prepared as dual build... Anything more done this year would be extra bonus for me. 🙂

  15. Hi Martin.

    My plans have already been 'subject to change' due to the attention to detail and amazing knowledge of the imodeler community. One of the things I enjoy so much about this site is the respectful way that fellow posters use their knowledge constructively to help others. The shared joy of what we do in this hobby really shows through in the comments and posts.

  16. Well you had me at Aircraft Carrier!

  17. I know what you mean, Rob. For me, carriers (especially in the WW2 Pacific theatre) have an emotional resonance - something to do with the sacrifices, pioneering, amazing ships and aircraft, and the characters that fought in them - it all just 'speaks' to me.

    Hope you are well,


  18. Well, we are almost into august and nearer next Christmas (hope Santa gets that message about Tamiya making a 1/32 Hurricane) than last. A good time to review that 'build plan'.

    Well, spent a lot of time on a Pacific diorama (thanks to Louis, damn and thank him). Got a good way into the Enterprise, and also stuck to my guns with the 'higher call' diorama. All going well, the next two up will be the Me 262 and the Sherman/Tiger face off from 'Kelly's Heroes'.

    So not bad and a successful experiment so far - cheers for the idea Greg!

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