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Airfix 1/24 Scale Ju 87B - 6 StG 1

July 7, 2017 · in Aviation · · 10 Comments

Made for an old pal, I decided that by July/Aug 1940, the Stukas that remained in service would have looked used and abused. They'd followed the advancing Wehrmacht through N Europe from field to field, then operated intensively over the Channel, attacking convoys, coastal targets and airfields around the English south coast.

Probably looks a bit mucky to many, but I like to think that's probably how they might have been. Bit big for my shelf collection like most of the scale range, but always an interesting challenge for anyone plagued by the "detail devil".

Thanks for looking.


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10 responses

  1. Great looking job,'ve captured "the look" just right IMO. Nice work.

  2. Looks good to me Paul! I think I'd agree with your assessment of wear and tear by then. I built Revell's 1/32 kit back when I was a kid, and remember it being the biggest thing hanging from my ceiling, so this has got to be a big model!

  3. What a Brute ! Love it ... I agree with Greg, this one has to be a huge plane.

  4. Cheers guys - Fortunately or otherwise, the kit's no longer in my collection. I gave it to my pal who's passed it on to his nephew's son, so I guess not many of the delicate bits are still where they're supposed to be. I built the 1/24 scale Airfix 109 which has also been passed on (post later perhaps) but I couldn't resist adding another one to the "one day!" shelf. The Stuka was abt 1ft 10in span and LOA 1ft 6in and a bit.

  5. That thing has to be a beast. Wow. There's no room in my house for a 1/24, but when I start in on German aircraft, the Stuka is #1 on the list.

  6. Great build Paul and I love that rugged look as well. She looks very convincing.

    Here's my build on LSP about ten years ago:

    I did some research on that period as well and you are quite right they were mostly very battle weary by the time they got to the French coast.

    Its become my favoured scale of choice these days but like most space is becoming a problem and my model cabinet may just have enough room for the Typhoon when I start it!

  7. Hi Martin - I haven't seen many other 1/24 Stukas but your looks great! The 6 StG 1 emblem on mine I reproduced from Peter Smith's book but I've seen it with both white or pale blue background. Yours for a III Gruppe/Stg 1 a/c looks right with the blue background. Where did you find that emblem in 1/24 scale. I painted mine and then reduced it on decal paper. Great looking hunk though!

  8. I'm sure your old pal is very pleased with this, great weathering work, looks like a well used Stuka. By the way, Stuka is the English name I've given my Chinese mother in law, I'll let you work out why!

  9. Your weathering is just fine. Well used - I'd bet you were right. Good job!

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