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B-25D Mitchell

June 18, 2019 · in Aviation · · 21 ≡

So here's my take on the B-25. One of my all-time favourite aircraft. Let's start with the kit, I could do pages on the fit, the quality of the engineering, the 'buildability' etc, etc. So long story short, folks, it's bl**dy superb - what you see here is precisely what comes in the box, cannot recall enjoying a build as much as I enjoyed this one is many years.

I have tried two new techniques in the build - first time using the marbling technique for adding texture into the paint finish and first time using oil paints to dry-brush and fade the upper panels. First attempts aren't always successful, so I'll leave it to you folks to decide how I've done.

Not much else to say, the 'sand' colour was mixed by eye using 'Dark Yellow' and 'Flesh' and possibly some luck and / or witchcraft. The Olive Drab had a couple of drops of Tamiya 'Deep Green' added and the underside grey is Tamiya's recent 'Medium Sea Grey' which to my eye is closer to the USAAF Neutral Grey. Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. Please feel free to hurl abuse, ask a question or make a comment - all welcomed.

AFN, on to the next build (a grey jet). Best from a chilly Middle Earth.

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  1. That’s very beautifully done.
    Great job !

  2. A very nice Mitchell, with the best camouflage this bomber wore. The weathering is fantastic. Just have to ask what is the marbling technique Ian?

    • Also called 'black basing' Pedro... When you apply the colours in a mottle style over black and then blend them together with further thin layers.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Ok,you wrote's gorgeous. I've never met a B-25 I didn't like and this one fits the bill. This is a kit you can write a letter to home about. Its a "Goldilocks " build that is deserving of being on the model of month list. But, once again I am prejudice by the subject matter and its an Airfix kit.

    Two thumbs up Ian.

  4. Awesome build. Paint job is great. The two Airfix B-25's I have in line waiting to be built just moved up to the head of the line. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Superb paint work and weathering. I really liked the yellow colour you've mixed. It's spot on!
    I have one in my stash and I'm now tempted to build it.

  6. A mighty fine Mitchell, looks great! The last B-25 That I tried to complete was destroyed by stupid me drilling a mounting hole on the bottom fuselage for a stand, it wasn't pretty. Maybe time for another go at one.

  7. Thank you folks, appreciate the comments and questions.

  8. Yep...what they said. 🙂

  9. Nice work. In 1/72 scale, Sea Grey Medium probably is closer to Neutral Grey taking into consideration "scale effect." The "marbling effect" works really well here.

    340th Bomb Group, 489th Bomb Squadron, 57th Bomb Wing - the "real" Catch-22 Bomb Wing, arrived in North Africa in January 1943, this camo was "field applied," these planes flew through the North African, Sicilian and first part of the Italian campaign. On March 23, 1944, those of the early ones left were at Pompeii Airfield when Vesuvius began the first eruption in 179 years. The next day, they looked like this.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  10. VERY well done, Ian! @ij001 The camo looks great as does the rest.

    Interesting factoid, Tom. @tcinla

    As you said, "underwing bomb racks!" That'd be some really well-armed B-25s with a heavy (for a B-25) load!

  11. I really, really like this. A lot.

    ‘Liked’. Obviously.

  12. Excellent build - and very nice paint and weathering. Love the Mitchell, and this one is a beauty.

  13. High five to you Ian...

  14. Great work. Really nice, especially in that scale.

  15. Thank you all, really appreciate the comments and 'likes' - never, never taken for granted.

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