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Canadian Tomahawk, 1/48 Airfix

June 13, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Have been modeling for 30 years and this is the first I have built. Not sure why, as I have always been a big fan since I saw “The Flying Tigers” as a kid. Really enjoyed building this kit, and it is one of 's better efforts. It is finished in DuPont equivalent RAF dark green, dark earth, and a very grayish Sky. Port wing is black. Paints are custom mixes that I found somewhere online. This is a RCAF 403 sq. aircraft, May, 1941. Decals are Iliad Design. Sad to say this is probably the last plastic model kit I will build. Making some lifestyle changes, and modeling is one of the things I am giving up. Will still be checking out everybody's work here! Best to all!

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12 responses

  1. Great build of a really good kit

  2. Dale, Oh come on man, you can't quit building models, I like your stuff !, like this little beauty. Well done by the way !
    Take a break, OK !, but I've seen and heard of a lot of guys who get away and do other things, then get back into it. I did ! Then that new Tamiya kit you've been waiting for will pop up maybe a few years from now, and you'll go "Ya baby", I'm back !
    Keep in touch my friend !

  3. Good looking P-40!

    You never know, you may be back with a box of plastic one day. However, sometimes you have to do what you have to do and life can be full of tough choices.

  4. That's a really good looking kitty Dale. Sorry to hear you're hanging up the paint and glue but one never knows when the bug will bite you again as I'm sure it will. I'll miss looking at some of your nice work. Best to you and stay safe.

  5. Great looking build. Airfix got it right and your build Dale is a added inspiration. I can only echo or parrot what the guy's are writing. Modeling is like riding a bicycle or getting back with a old lost friend. Its always there for you. Best of luck in your life style changes too.

  6. Great looking P-40.

  7. Great looking P-40! Of late I've been feeling a bit of a disconnect from the hobby, maybe it's a result of the disheartening news that's been happening of late.

  8. That's a beautifully built Tomahawk, Dale!
    Should your lifestyle's factors allow, you may come up with another one!

  9. Fantastic P40, Dale.
    Giving up modelling must be a difficult decision.
    You never know what future will bring.
    Good luck in your new lifestyle.

  10. Thanks all! Just giving up plastic modeling. Going to do some RC aircraft. Need to get out more, and this will be a good way to do it . I am actually building an electric kit at this time. Who knows? Might even do a scale aircraft or two. Got a few more models that I have recently completed to put on here. I will still be attending swap meets and model shows, as I have a friend who has a lifetime of models and books to get rid of. I have been selling these off a car load at a time for him the past year. Keep up the great work guys, I will be watching.

  11. Nice looking P-40! As somewhat of an introvert who is happy to hibernate at the modeling desk - I also like the outside and fresh air, so I split time on the disc golf course with friends and flying solo at the modeling desk. Kind of a yin-yang thing for me... especially now that age (and wear) are taking away some of my more active physical activities!

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