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“PATROL”…Empire of Japan Group Build, Type 97 Chi-Ha.

December 28, 2020 · in Diorama · · 20 · 5.9K

Hi All,
My only contribution to the . Thank you Louis for the invite.
My first attempt at a box diorama but definitely not last.
My last completed build and posting for 2020.

This box diorama, titled, “Patrol”, is built around the , Type 97 . The figures are kit bashed and reposed to what I wanted based on two Master Box kits. (see attached pics)

If interested here is a link to the group build:

Hope you like it.

Happy New Year. KEEP IT FUN!

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  1. Gary, your diorama composition is exquisite. That’s some serious thinking and skills. Congratulations!

  2. That is Fabulous! Great job on the backdrop, feel like I'm on Guadalcanal sweating.

  3. Great job, very realistic!

  4. I was following the build and the diorama came out looking great. The remake made the difference.

  5. This is a wonderful diorama, Gary, that I had the joy to follow through your build thread.
    Looks absolutely amazing!

  6. Stunning work Gary - the 'depth' you have achieved is masterful. Congratulations!

  7. Every time I think you can't out do yourself, shazam you blow me away. Excellent work on this one Gary, might I be seeing it at either the Columbus or Cleveland show in 2021?

  8. Gary, @gwskat
    I'll bet you are very happy that you decided to redo the diorama now... It turned out looking even more spectacular, and you have done a magnificent job with it. It was good to begin with... now it's over the top and I especially like how the road blends into the background picture. It looks like you are in the jungles of the South Pacific, and the damaged Chi-Ha also looks exceptional. This is the kind of stuff you see on contest tables and in museums.

    Thanks for building this as part of our Empire of Japan group, you hit a home run with it !

    Happy New Year and I pressed the "liked" button too.

    • Thank you, Louis.
      Yeah, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and redo "things" if they just don't feel right. It was like starting over but I am so glad I took the time...I feel the extra effort was well worth it.
      You, my friend, hit a grand slam with this Great EoJ group! Thanks, again.
      Happy New Year!

  9. That's a really GOOD diorama ,Great display.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  10. absolutely fantastic!

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