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"Luftwaffe Group Build Vignette"

August 14, 2021 · in Diorama · · 26 · 2.6K

Hi All,
My contribution to the German Air Service/Luftwaffe group build. Thanks go to Louis Gardner for starting the group and inviting me to join. It has been a fun group with many great contributions. Good job, ALL!

As usual, to keep things interesting and go against the grain, my build is a Luftwaffe subject without wings. To stay within the group build parameters I included two Fallschirmjagers (paratroopers). Unlike US Paratroopers serving in the US Army Fallschirmjagers were troops serving in the Luftwaffe, (the German military air arms) throughout WW2.

To give the scene a little more interest and depth I also included the . Not to mention its such a cool little vehicle and I had to build one.

Tamiya, , Schwimmwagen Type 166. Built OOB with added passenger mounted machine gun from the spares box.

Painted with:
Mr Color 1500 primer
Mr. Color 39, Dark Yellow
AK Real Colors RC286, RAF Dark Green
Tamiya XF-64, Red Brown

Kit decals.

Weathered with Oil washes, Tamiya weathering pastels and oil dry brushing. Sharp edges were highlighted with a regular pencil for a metallic sheen.

The figures were kit bashed and re-positioned using the Dragon kits shown in the attached pic and Hornet heads. This was the first time I used Kneadatite's Green Stuff and will be a go-to from now on for my figure work.

Painted with various colors using Vallejo Model Color and Scalecolor Artist Acrylic paints. These figs were my first use of the Scalecolor paints and will also be a go-to from here on out...great colors and creamy smooth.

Added accoutrements, weapons and gear, for both the figs and vehicle, were raided from the spares boxes.

The base is wood, Celluclay, real rocks, sand and static grasses of different lengths. These were all washed and painted with various ground colors to give it a realistic “feel”.

For a more in depth build you can check out the group build here:

Thanks for checking out my build, hope you like it.


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26 responses

  1. Great diorama, Gary, love all the extra details, definitely liked.

  2. A great vignette! Using a small craft like the schwimmwagen you managed to capture a life like scene very well. More than the car, those 2 figures are awesome!

  3. Nice work and a very realistic result. I like this a lot.

  4. Gary, @gwskat
    First off, I want to thank you for contributing to our ever growing Luftwaffe group build. It was very enjoyable and entertaining to watch you work your magic on these subjects. This article is perfect, and as typical of your work, the pictures looks extremely realistic.

    I noticed on the VW license plate, that you correctly started the series of letters and numbers with "WL". This is absolutely correct for a Luftwaffe vehicle. The Army would have used "WH", and then there was the infamous double lightning bolts in use too... for the "SS" units.

    You are extremely good at working with figures, and creating a lifelike diorama. Each time I look at the pictures, I notice something new.

    This last time I saw the "potato masher" hand grenades and the Panzer Faust weapons. Nice touch !

    You know I definitely pressed the "liked" button on this one !

    Thanks again. BTW, what are your plans for the PaK 40 ? I'll bet you have something very cool and one of a kind cooking up...

    • Thanks, Louis! So glad you are enjoying the vignette! You, my friend, are an eagle eye to see the plate designation...LOL
      At this time, because of a deadline build I'm involved with, I am putting the PAK 40 on hold for now. Maybe late in this group build cycle I'll add it.

  5. Fantastic looking diorama, Gary @gwskat
    I really like the way you build and painted those soldiers.
    Thanks for sharing the progress in the GB.

  6. This is a wonderful model and an equally wonderful diorama, my friend Gary!
    Excellent in every respect, a joy to watch.
    Equally wonderful was your build thread.
    Thanks you do much for contributing to this fantastic GB!
    Congratulations, looking forward to your possible next entry!

  7. The figures and the 'Wagen' are outstanding, Gary! Odd as it may seem I am drawn to the terrain too! The random arrangement of the grasses, and the realistic soil and rocks just bring it to life. Stunning composition!

    • Thanks! Glad you like it. Sometimes I enjoy "creating" the terrain as much as the models and figs. One thing I do all the time is, keeping my eyes out for scale looking objects that can be used for my dioramas... OBSESSED !

  8. Great diorama, looks amazing and very realistic.

  9. Excellent Schwimmwagen, it looks great in your vignette with and makes a great display.

  10. Great job! I don't think those guys are Col. Klink or Sgt. Schultz.

  11. Ah the master of the vignette/diorama hits it over the fence again for a home run. Great work as usual Gary, lots of fine detail to take in.

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    An altogether well done diorama Gary.
    After being away for awhile, one feels a great sense of elation to seeing this work.
    Love dioramas, this one is no exception.

  13. Nicely done! And very clever! You also could have done a "Luftwaffe Field Division" dio, or even The Herman Goering Panzer division.

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