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Mustang IV (and a nod to Matchbox c.1974)

June 28, 2022 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.1K

Been determined to build 'Dooleybird' for years simply because of 'that' box art from 1974. Had the MA sheet in the stash since the early 2000's and even had a set of resin 'gills' to fit the Hasegawa kit.

BUT WAIT, announced they'd be doing a 1:48 British IV in 2019, so I ordered it locally and guess what... the 'finless' D-1 (A05138) turned up - bggr !. Well I always wanted to do 'Frenesi' from the 357th FG anyways so why not, and that's when I discovered that all the parts for the Mustang IV except the Aeroproducts prop are in the box. OK, not an issue, let's just see if that the spare (Aeroproducts) prop in the Hasegawa kit fits ?... (spoiler alert) yes it does, and perfectly.

So here t'is, 'Dooleybird' in 1:48 but not quite as Airfix intended and definitely not as the old Matchbox box-art showed. Kit builds nicely and any flaws in the finish are mine alone - and there are plenty of flaws. This is the third paint job that this build has worn, no idea how I 'effed-up' the previous two, but I did, spectacularly however both times I somehow managed to save the painted-on yellow stripe & checks. Please don't look too closely at the NMF, it's much rougher than I'd normally do, TBH after three tries I was just happy not to have a thumbprint in the paint !

As ever please feel free to ask a question, offer a comment or scream abuse, it's all fine. All the best from NZ.

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  1. Looks like "Dooleybird" to me. Thumbs up, Ian!

  2. Fun memories that matchbox artwork brings me.
    Really nice Pony, despite whatever flaws you notice

  3. Amazing pony, Ian!
    Well done!

  4. This is such a great stroll down memory lane for me! You did an incredible job on this old Matchbox diamond. Well done!

    • I thought there may have been some confusion when I posted this yesterday - This is the 2019 Airfix 1:48 Mustang wearing the 1995 (?) Model Alliance decals, the Matchbox box-art was the inspiration.



  5. Looks great, Ian! Had that Matchbox kit a long time ago.

  6. Very nice work on tis Pony, Ian @ij001

  7. Nice lookin' Mustang - well done!

  8. Nice work and a good result.

    I see you made the same bugger-up I did with this kit - the gun bay covers were also painted lacquer like the surrounding wing (and yes, I said Gr-r-r-r-r on figuring that out). But no never-mind.

  9. Looks great, Ian (@ij001). Natural metal finish looks awesome, and you have certainly created a model that looks like its inspiration. Cheers.

  10. Nice work Ian - I think I still have that Matchbox Dooleybird some where!

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