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Tamiya 1/48 Mustang completed.

December 21, 2022 · in Aviation · · 19 · 0.7K

This is the P51B/C kit which I have just completed as a commission build, built from a photo the client had of the aircraft, which his father had flown at the end of the War. He wanted the aircraft to look suitably tired as it was the station hack by then. The peeling paint on the fin markings is copied from the photo. The cockpit has been corrected, I created a corrected floor and added a few extra details though with the canopy being closed its not that easy to see. I'm pleased to say the client was delighted with the result which is now displayed alongside the Typhoon I has previously given him.

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  1. Great build! your client will be very happy. Thanks for sharing it with us @alanprice1

  2. Phenomenal. I love the mottled look. Did you do that with preshading?

    • Thanks Brian, there are a whole range of effects, preshading was only the start. Artool and Uschi van der Rosten masks were used for a lot of the mottled effects.

  3. Alan, really nice Mustang. The finish is top notch. You've created a nicely worn and realistic patina, something I can use as inspiration on my own projects. Thanks for sharing.



  4. Amazing result, Alan! So realistic!

  5. You will have a very happy client, Alan @alanprice1
    This is an amazing build.

  6. Well done. I've been eyeing up those Uschi van der Rosten masks for a while. I've seen a few builds where the result was over done but yours looks very nice

  7. Awesome looking P51! Working on this kit right now. Planning on Metal finish but not at that stage yet.

  8. Wow! Fantastic job! This build is simply breathtaking.

  9. Fantastic finish. I do wish we could see into the cockpit to see all the work you put in there @alanprice1.

    Is the diorama it's sitting on in a couple of the shots a part of the piece for the client as well? That also looks really well done.

    • Thanks Brian, no the background is one of the Noy's Miniatures prints (see Hannants). I use these all the time to shoot finished builds, if you follow my builds in Model Airplane International or Airfix Modelworld you'll see them often in photos there.

  10. @alanprice1 thanks for the info, I didn't know such printed mats existed.

    I don't know the magazines, it's awfully impressive that you are a regular feature though. How did you start getting published/working for magazines, if I can ask?

    • Thanks Brian, yes there are loads of backgrounds like this available. I've been working on magazines for a long time now, well over 10 years, and I got into it after the magazines asked for new contributors.

  11. Beautiful job on this mustang Alan. The weathering is spot on. I wish I could get my builds looking this realistic!

  12. Really nice, Alan (@alanprice1). The paint and finish is perfect. Nice use of the masks, preshading, and other techniques to get this realistic finish.

  13. Always liked mustangs in RAF colours, looks great!

  14. Sweet looking pony Alan.

  15. Very neat work from you as usual, Alan.

  16. That is a really beautiful Pony in Brit pajamas! That model Mustang in that livery is my favorite. Well done.

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