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Gloster Gladiator 1:72a little Matchbox nostalgia

January 22, 2023 · in Aviation · · 23 · 0.7K

I started it about two years ago as a joy model ( Gloster ), then it ended up in a box, because the Alclad primer didn't want to bind, I still don't know why. Even after two years it was still a bit tacky (!). I had some issues with it since so I don't know whether this particular bottle is a c**p or the ALC primer itself is a not very well working paint, well, I hate it more and more - althought their metal colors are OK. Somehow I managed to partially sand it, partially spray it with Tamiya glossy black (I didn't want to ruin my previous smooting work), and finally I didn't paint it with Alclad, because I managed to find with light-years better metal colors (Gaia Colors, if anyone is interested - unbreakable from the surface). Not my best model, but the quality is acceptable, especially since the set is from 1974. Decals are from the Revell reissued kit.

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  1. Looks stunning from here, Gábor! The Matchbox Gladiator never looked better! Excellent save on your mishap-ed Alclad.

  2. What an amazing early Gladiator, Gábor @remete
    Matchbox is pure nastolgy and you made an excellent build out of this one.

    • Thanks! Actually I like Matchbox kits because these were the first videly available "western" kits in my country and I had so much fun as a child collecting and building them.

  3. Very nice work! Mabye You need to try Me Surfacer Primer?

  4. The Matchbox Gladiator always had an exceptionally nice representation of the fabric covering. Even with your struggles you've managed to represent this in a sublime way. Excellent model.

    • Thank You. This one is Matchbox's better kits - still looks good on the self among more modern kits. I added a scratch cockpit (nothing seen under the thick transoarencies) and pimped up the engine but otherwise its OOB.

  5. Stunning . If not your best work, as you mention, then what is ?
    I wanted to ask what the Rigging is made of ?

  6. Nice looking Gladiator, Gabor, good save on the paintwork.

  7. Nicely done Gabor.

  8. Looks great, I like those British Silver Bi-planes from that era.

  9. Nice little Gladiator. Love those old silver wings biplanes from the '30s!

  10. A beauty regardless of the challenges! Always a pleasure to review your builds.

  11. Gabor, you have made a pretty nice looking Gladiator. I like the decal set used on your build, and the overall finish looks great!

  12. This is a nice demonstration of how a Matchbox kit can be turned into a spectacular model with appropriate measures such as carefully prepared metal surfaces, edgeless decals and proper rigging. Thank you for your very motivational article!

    • Thank You Peter! For me Matchbox kits bring back childhood memories thats why time to time I feel the need to build one - now with 35 years experience 😀 Time flies faster than an X-15 :/

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