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Vultee Vengeance Part II

Hello guys I am sorry for not been posting these photos before. My father has been working hard on this sub collection. He has made 14 models so far and we believe that final number will be around 22 models. To be honest with you I didn’t expec[...]

Waco (Glider series)

Hi to all of you Another series have just done by my father. We have to thanks to Luis Cid who made the special decals to complete our Waco CG-4A / Hadrian series which include the following models Here are the final photos which also include[...]

Vultee Vengeance – First three models done

Hello to all of you. Following with this post, we have a preliminary list of the Vultee Vengeance models to be included in this series. 1 Vultee Vengeance Mk I RAAF A27-9 2 Vultee Vengeance Mk IA RAAF A27-60 SJ-X 25 3 Vultee Vengeance Mk IV [...]

Taylorcraft Model H Glider

Hi My father has finished a new model to our glider collection. This model was made completely from scratch. Here are the final photos. I hope you like it. Cheers Santiago

General Aircraft 55

Hi My father has finished another model from scratch. In this case is the General Aircraft 55. I hope you like it The next model on the bench will be the Taylorcraft Model H - Experimental tandem two-se[...]

De Havilland Hornet

Hi My father, Raul Hrubisko, has just finished three more De Havilland Hornet models. Now our series is completed with six models in total. Here are the final photos of this short project. I hope you enjoy them. We would like to thanks [...]

De Havilland Australia DHA G1 and G2

Hi Here are some photos showing these models in 1/72 scale made by my father from scratch using balsa wood. They are part of a larger proyect about the British troop glider of the WWII. Cheers Santiago

General Aircraft GAL 50

Hi Here are a couple of photos showing this model made by my father from scraft in 1/72 scale. He made it from balsa wood in no more than one week. I hope you like it. Cheers Santiago

Slingsby T.18 Hengist

Hello My father, Raul Hrubisko has made two new models in 1/72 scale for our collection. In this case as part of our Glider series. He made them from scratch in only 16 days.. I would like to thank to Jed and Alastair for helping us with[...]

Gloster F.9/37

My father has finished another two models. In this case is related with the Gloster F.9/37, also known as the Gloster G.39, He did the L8002 and L7999 which represent the Gloster F.9/37 with the different engines. Here are the photos [...]