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I returned to modeling several years ago after a long hiatus and courtship with RC scale modeling. I’m an aircraft maintenance control supervisor recently retired from the company formerly known as Continental Airlines. Been fortunate enough to work and fly on several WWII aircraft, which are my favorite subjects, especially the lesser known ones and the ones with oddball paint jobs.

Workbenches and man caves

Here are some seldom seen views of the ultra secret Mexican Skunk Works, located deep in the swamps of East Texas. Not quite as neat an elegant as some, but it's been serving me well for the last 25 years. There have been many model airplanes, [...]

Detail and Scale, F9F Cougar

I was also able to secure a copy of the Detail and Scale series on the F9F Cougar a few days ago. Greg Kittinger posted a pretty comprehensive review here, and most of my impressions mirror his. This is my first foray into an interactive e-boo[...]

General Dynamics F-16A Falcon “Dirty Diana” Monogram 1/48 scale

323 Squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 1998. The squadron decided to commemorate the event by adding artwork of its squadron emblem, Diana, the goddess of the hunt, to the tails of several of[...]

Wings Over Houston Airshow, 2015, Part 2

A few more from last Sunday's airshow. There was a wide variety of aircraft on display, though I didn't come close to getting them all. I try very hard these days not to get carried away taking pictures so I can spend more time enjoying the sh[...]

Wings Over Houston Airshow, 2015

The Wings Over Houston Airshow was held this past weekend, and since the grandkids asked if I'd take them, how could I say no? The show was headlined by the usual amazing performance by the USAF Thunderbirds, and the surprise for me was the dem[...]

Another old model, a mystery story

This is the AMT 1977 Pontiac Trans Am in 1/25 scale. This model came to be in 1979 while I was working part time in a trophy shop, whose owner was an avid sports car and auto racing enthusiast. He had gotten a contract for trophies from the lo[...]

McDonnell F-4D Phantom, Monogram 1/48 scale

Here is the venerable Monogram F-4D Phantom in 1/48, a model that many of us have built at one time or another. The kit was built basically OOB, with the addition of Verlinden resin ejection seats and decals from the Furball "Gunfighter Phantom[...]

Consolidated PBY-4 Academy 1/72

While waiting for stuff for my Phantom build to arrive, this kit was given to me by a good friend. The camo intrigued me, so I decided to build it. The airplane represents a Catalina of VP-101 stationed in the Philippines just after Pearl Harb[...]

Wings Over Houston Airshow, 2014 Part 2

A few more from the airshow. I didn't really get carried away taking pictures because I found that it started interfering with my enjoying the show, which got a bit more important now that the grandkids are tagging along. The Corsair in the ph[...]

Wings Over Houston Airshow, 2014

Took the grandkids to the annual Wings Over Houston Airshow today. Weather was absolutely spectacular, severe clear with temps in the middle 60's (F). There was a huge crowd, which presented problems for the purist photogs, as there was no way[...]