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I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and my kits are WW1 & WW2 German aircraft. Currently, I have just over 200 built kits and running out of space! Most are WW2 subjects.

Special Hobby's 1/32 scale Fokker D.II

Hi, guys... this is my most recent build and although I thought it was a bit daunting when I bought it a couple of years back, it turned into quite a nice build. This was the second generation of Fokker fighters produced for the Imperial [...]

Supermodel's Blohm u. Voß Bv138C 'Seedrache' (The Flying Clog)

This is my last build for 2023, and it's the venerable Bv138C kit by Supermodel from the mid-1970s. I had intended to finish it in a colour scheme carried by a Bv138A variant, but noticed almost at the very last moment, that this wasn't [...]

ICM's 1/48 scale Gotha Go242A

Hi, guys... this Go242A kit is a recent addition into my collection and is rather a good kit to build, although there are a few tricky areas as well. Firstly, though, I have to apologise because I only realised a few days back that I had [...]

Special Hobby's 1/48 scale He115B-2/C

Hi, guys... this is my latest completed kit and another return to a kit I tried a few years back, and arguably, a better outcome this time. As anyone who has attempted this model will know, it's a difficult kit in places but certainly [...]

Me262A-1a/U3 reconnaissance version from Trumpeter's 1/32 scale kit

Hi... this is my recently completed conversion of the Me262 kit using the AIMS resin/PE conversion set. The kit builds up well with some care, and the conversion pieces are well made and with a little adjustment, make the kit look really [...]

Roland D.VIa, Jasta 23b, Epinoy, France, 1918

Hi, this is my latest completed model from the WnW range. The kit is a pleasure to build and is a really attractive subject for a model kit. The colour scheme was achieved by using enamel and oil paints, and lozenge pattern markings from [...]

Mach2's Arado Ar232B transport

This build is part of the 'Imperial German...' group build, and given the age of the model and presentation of the parts, it is definitely a challenge. However, I'm pleased with the eventual outcome and this represents about two months of [...]

WnW Gotha G.IV - 'Lori2'

Hi... This is my latest build, Wingnut Wings' Gotha G.IV in 1/32 scale. A large, initially daunting but ultimately excellent kit to build, this has been a nine-week project which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The kit was finished in Humbrol [...]

Fokker Dr.I, Royal Prussian Jasta 11, Lechelle, 1918 (Ltn.Eberhard Mohnicke)

Hi... This is my offering of Roden's 1/32 scale Fokker F.1 triplane, finished as a Dr.I production variant. The kit is good but with some challenging areas, especially the attachment of the lower wing. I would recommend detaching the [...]

Hobbyboss 1/48 scale Bv141B

This is my build of the Hobbyboss Bv141 kit. It's a good kit that goes together well without too much effort, with the possible exception of painting all the canopy frames! Additions to the model are the 'Superfabric' seatbelts from [...]