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I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and my kits are WW1 & WW2 German aircraft. Currently, I have just over 200 built kits and running out of space! Most are WW2 subjects.

Mach2's Arado Ar232B transport

This build is part of the 'Imperial German...' group build, and given the age of the model and presentation of the parts, it is definitely a challenge. However, I'm pleased with the eventual outcome and this represents about two months of [...]

WnW Gotha G.IV - 'Lori2'

Hi... This is my latest build, Wingnut Wings' Gotha G.IV in 1/32 scale. A large, initially daunting but ultimately excellent kit to build, this has been a nine-week project which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The kit was finished in Humbrol [...]

Fokker Dr.I, Royal Prussian Jasta 11, Lechelle, 1918 (Ltn.Eberhard Mohnicke)

Hi... This is my offering of Roden's 1/32 scale Fokker F.1 triplane, finished as a Dr.I production variant. The kit is good but with some challenging areas, especially the attachment of the lower wing. I would recommend detaching the [...]

Hobbyboss 1/48 scale Bv141B

This is my build of the Hobbyboss Bv141 kit. It's a good kit that goes together well without too much effort, with the possible exception of painting all the canopy frames! Additions to the model are the 'Superfabric' seatbelts from [...]

Italeri's Do 24T flying boat

Hi, This is my recently completed Italeri Do24 kit. It's the upgraded version from 2013 and has a good deal of additional detail from the original 1978 model. I made the kit as part of the Imperial German Air Service group build, which [...]

Friedrichshafen FF33L – 1/32 scale

This is my first venture into a resin model of a WW1 subject, and a floatplane into the bargain. The kit is from the Polish manufacturer Lukgraph, and is a refreshingly unusual subject, whatever the medium or scale. The kit was built for [...]

1/32 scale WnW AEG G.IV (late)

Hi... with some time on my hands this evening, I've finally got around to posting these images of my AEG G.IV. This kit was completed before the start of the 'Imperial German...' group build, so couldn't be included. No matter, this was [...]

Wingnut Wings Albatros B.II

Hi... hope you're all well, guys... :-). My next offering is quite a challenging and delicate kit, but certainly an eye-catcher once complete. For some time I've wanted to do a 'wood effect' finish and try to replicate the linen-covered [...]

MPM’s 1/48 He177 – Heinkel’s ‘Griffon’

Well, another plus side to having time on my hands at present is being able to post (perhaps too many!) more of my builds. This one was completed about a year and a half ago and I certainly made a better job of it this time round than the [...]

Auntie’s trip to the Aegean

My second offering in as many days... this is the venerable Revell 1/48 scale Ju 52 kit, with accessory resin floats/white metal struts, resin engine nacelle cover, and fuel tank, accessories and some scratch-building thrown in for good [...]