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Retired transit worker from NYCT. ,phormer phantom phixer f4j, low tech,low budget modeler. mostly a/c.

more old stuff

Two photos I found of builds I did years ago [the models did not survive] The F-4H I converted using the airfix kit, cutting down the nose of their 'E' option. The other ThIng is supposed to be some kind space fighter, Its part Hasegawa F-106 n[...]

Dog day afternoon plus.

While with Vf-31 line Div. oneday this lovable mutt happened upon our flight line. We took care of him for two days before base security, NAS Oceana VA, took him away. Fresh water wash down on Saratoga. Maintenance shots VF-31 and VF-74. Bear es[...]

Phantasy Phantoms

First Phantasy: The Navy was forced to buy the F-111b, it proved totally useless in squadron service, The F-14 was pushed back even further, Mcdonnell Douglas, stepped in with the F-4 VS,and the Navy finally gets a gun for their F-4 . it held t[...]

Mig alley

Just in case you thought all I did was navy stuff. Some hot and cold war Migs. Mig 27 Hasegawa. Mig-21 Lindberg/imc. Mig -19 KP, Mig-17 Hasegawa. Mig-15UTI KP. SA-2 Flying telephone pole Gran' Ltd? One note , You really can't tell but the [...]

Box scale oldies

Here are a pair of box scale oldies I recently completed, the A-5A Vigilante from Monogram and the A-3D Skywarrior from Revell, I tried tweaking both of them with a little detail. I used the kit decals from the A-5 as you can tell from the yello[...]

The British are coming.

This is another way back. The Ark Royal's Air wing was being hosted at NAS Oceana Virginia in 1975.

C-2 in action

Just liked to share a few photos with you all. I took these shots of the C-2 from Vultures row on board the USS Kennedy back in 1988 during a work up cruise , I was part of a reserve unit then. The C-1 was way back in the before time on board Sa[...]

This is the end…

Inspired by photos in a book about Phantoms, sadly this the fate of many an obsolete aircraft. I think they were located at a Marine air station in Hawaii, being used for parts. It started out as esci/ertl kit 1/72 F-4S.


Hasegawa's egg F-4 converted to of course a Navy F-4, of VF-11 and the required Plane captain, I hope I don't bore you guys With F-4's, I've got a few more... Someone ordered snakeyes?

Dad’s survivors

These are kits my father built during his retirement before he passed and returned to Mars in 2012, he had a lot more but I couldn't keep them all. Each one has a little elec. motor in the nose, he installed little leads to run it up by an outsi[...]