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All about AFV and other military model making.

1/35 stuart and sherman

the stuart is the afv club. sherman is the testors limited edition, you know the one in the huge box!

1/35 us halftrack m2a1 dragon smartkit

great kit. lotta fun.

1/35 jagdpanzer IV

this was the testors limited edition kit. when i first opened the huge box i was really thrown off by the dark green brittle looking sprues . it built up into a rather decent looking example, with just a little scratch building. mainly the hange[...]

How to: Hairspray weathering technique

Here is a weathering technique that has gained popularity within the Military Modelling community during the last few years. Demonstrated in this video to produce winter camouflage on a KV from Trumpeter in 1/35 scale. The commentary is in Ge[...]

How to: Assembling individual track links on AFVs

A short video on how to assemble and mount individual plastic track links for model tanks.

1/35 Hobby Boss VK45.02

Added a Brass barrel, machine gun, and fruil Tracks..the rest is out of the box.

Guadalcanal Marine 75mm Pack Howitzer, @ October 1942

The Howitzer is the excellent Vision Models injected kit, the figures are conversions of Dragon Guadalcanal Marines, with some Tamiya mortar crew parts. The sandbags are from Italeri, with epoxy putty blending. Painting is with acrylics, my firt[...]

Tiger I sPzAbt 503 Russia 1944

Well not to be a headline hog, but figured I'd add a Tank to the mix. I love armor as well.

Tamiya 1/35 AAPV7 w/UGWS

I picked this one up at a local model show for $10. Again built stock out-of-box. Painted with Model Master acrylics and weathered with oil washes, filters and pastels. Figure painting is certainly not my forte, especially modern US 3-tone deser[...]

More metal with a side of rivets….Fine Molds 1/35 Japanese Army type 89 Medium tank….

Still on an armor run. This one was actually a great surprise Boithday gift from my kid last year (January 22) and a fabulous gift it was. I probably never would have bothered to get it, as it came in a three-installment deal in concert with Ar[...]