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Bristol Blenheim - a British light bomber aircraft used in the early days of the Second World War.

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1/72 Airfix Mk.1 Bristol Blenheim

Finally got this together and set up. COLD SHOTS ! It's -6 C. I chose the alternate Romanian markings, and did some weathering. I counter sunk the air intakes, and made replacement pins and bushings for the props. Finished with Model [...]

1/72 Bristol Blenheim Mk.I

This is the recent Airfix kit. I built it straight from the box and finished it with Humbrol enamels. I did use an Eduard masking set to help deal withe many small canopy panes. They really are tiny in 1/72! This kit is very well [...]

Last builds of completed models of 2015: Airfix 1/72 Blenheim Mk. IF and Mk. IV

Last builds of the year, the beautiful little Airfix Blenheims. Since between the two kits together there are parts to mix-and-match to create different versions than OOB, I used the gun tray from the Mk.IV kit to turn the other into a [...]

Airfix 1/72 Bristol Blenheim MK.IVf

Along with the Eduard Spitfire and Akagi, this is one of the nicest kits I've built this year. Airfix's new Blenheim fighter/bomber. My first proper British bomber in over six years! In fact, the only one I've fully finished! Problems, [...]

Final set of Battle of Britain Builds

Following on from my post earlier in the week, here are the final builds from my series in MAI this year on the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire and Bf109 are in the new December issue just on sale today (21 Nov). The builds are: The new [...]

Review: Classic Airframes Blenheim review

Review: iModeler Review – Airfix 1/72 Bristol Blenheim

Hot off the press – the new tool 1/72 scale Bristol Blenheim Mk1 by Airfix (£14.99 converts to $25 US). These, thankfully, bear no resemblance to the old tool Airfix Mk IV in terms of engineering, detail and, hopefully, build. The [...]

Special Hobby Bristol Blenheim Mk.1

1/48 , and an interesting aircraft, and usual "interpretive" build, as one needs to get the parts to somehow hold hands long enough for the glue to set. Built several years ago, sans gloss coat, panel lines or weathering. [...]