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X-3 Stiletto

I somehow found this 1/144 scale kit by DRAGON on the web site back in mid 2015. Like any modeler, I just had to have that kit. I never heard of a real jet aircraft that looked like this. I don't recall if the clear model came with the [...]

Babylonian Schmitt...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf110D-3 Sonderkommando Junck

After the Yugoslavian Bf110, here´s another one with non-German markings. Cyberhobby/Dragon kit, built it almost two times. The model was already in a progressed state when it had an accident...bought a new kit and my dad started all over [...]

"B-B's & Scribing Tools

Here is how I add the "b-b's" to the nose area of any "tail dragon" model. I just apply some white glue or superglue then pour in some of the small lead bb's! The second photo shows my two panel line scribing tools that [...]

Look out! There’s the little (das) Maus(e) coming!

From the author: I had got this model form brother of mine (Wiktor 16 at that time) which get it from me on Christmas (so this was nice d-tour of the kit). The kit was half-glued. A few mistakes in the suspension was noticed, but in the [...]

Dragon 1/72 Mistel 5 He-162/Arado E-377a

Hi There, This was started at the same time as the Typhoon and has continued a bit longer being worked on whilst doing my Buccaneer. Three kits in one really. The Trolley and the Arado were little gems that were a joy to build but the [...]

Heller 1/72 D.H 89 Dragon Rapide

My fifth monthly ‘staying-at-home, no-frills, stash-reduction, build and paint’ project–July edition. (With the off-and-partially on again shutdown I wonder how long to keep this going.) This is a vintage-1979-Heller kit of an [...]

USS Momsen, Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer(1/350 Dragon )

USS Momsen ,..generic etch Flyhawk USN ladders, inclined ladders and Railings from Gold Medal Models, screws from gold medal models, USN Carrier deck equipment from mpc, MQ-8B fire scouth from snafu store...scratch from Plastruct [...]

Dragon 1/48 Ju-188E-1

History The Junkers Ju 188 was a high-performance medium bomber built during World War II, the planned follow-up to the Ju 88 with better performance and payload. It was produced only in limited numbers, due both to the presence of [...]

Hobbyboss F-80 C Shooting Star “Saggin Dragon”

Although serving in small numbers towards the end of World War II, Lockheed’s pugnacious fighter made a name for itself as a fighter and strike bomber during the Korean War. To commemorate the start of the Korean War 70 years ago and to [...]

Dragon T-34/85

A little T34 action! I experimented with different weathering effects with this one, mainly working with pigments for mud effects and numerous oil paint weathering techniques applied to get the worn/faded/ground in dirt effect. A few [...]