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1/4 Franzis Operating Porsche Engine

1/4 Franzis Operating Porsche Engine A much better engineered kit compared to the many vintage operating engine models I’ve built. Aka this one actually works and has LED spark plugs and a reasonable sound card. But that should be [...]

1/3 Minicraft Honda 750 4 Display Engine

1/3 Minicraft Honda 750 4 Display Engine Great kit with super parts detailing. Added sliding display section. Looks like Floquil Old Silver but the actual paint, which made this work, I forgot as that was the last of it? Great kit with [...]

Leopard AS1 Engine, Engine Bay and Drivers Compartment Latest Progress

Well, my AS 1 with exposed engine bay and detailed drivers compartment has made some significant progress over the last week. The work started on the engine itself. This is a mini work of art in it's own right, well done PSM. Work is also [...]

A Meteor's Engine

While struggling with completion of Airfix' Gloster Meteor F.8 the included Derwent is a model in itself. It's not bigger than 20 mm x 35 mm but certainly will be an eye catcher on the side. Finnished in Vallejo colours throughout and a [...]

Wingnut wings 1/32 Daimler-Mercedes D.III engine

I finished new engine for Albatros D.V. I just add spark plug and cable.

Zvezda La-5 1/48th progress so far!

Here is my current project's process. It is the 2010 kit of Zvezda's La-5. The kit is really high quality with regards to the fit and the detail of the parts. I have had lots of fun detailing the kit so far and I am sure I will have lots [...]

Monogram’s Mystery Engine

I have a certain fondness for radial engines. This is understandable, seeing as how most of my 2700 hours was spent behind or alongside one or more of these mechanical masterpieces of aeronautical technology. This prompted me to purchase [...]