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Fast, good lookin' but not much else. MiG's first fighter.

Well, actually the second. The original designation was I (Istrebeitel, fighter) 200, but a new convention using the designer's names was introduced, these being Migoyan and Gurevitch, hence, MiG. The new moniker was MiG-1, but the [...]

Mig-3 Early

Trumpeter 1:48 Tamiya paints

Trumpeter Mig-3 in VVS Winter colours, 1/48

A quick build over Christmas of a Soviet VVS Mig-3 fighter in a weathered but not totally worn through winter camo scheme from a 1/48 scale Trumpeter kit. I tried out going for some more aggressive chipping effects but didn't really like [...]

Serving Under Another Flag GB: Red Star 1/72 Captured MiG-3 in Romanian Colors

Red Star was a small model company in England that used four molds that were made by Frog around 1976. That year Frog folded and was not able to release their newer kits. While most of their molds went to Novo and Matchbox/Revell, the [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-3 times two

Subject: MiG-3 Kit: 1/48 Trumpeter Fun kit to build! Album: (link) All my models: (link) Photo Editing: Adobe Lightroom Helicon Focus (focus stacking)


This recently completed 1/48 MiG is my first & only Trumpeter kit. I was impressed with how well the parts fit, it was an extremely easy model to build, almost like it wanted to be built. The decals were also very nice. David Mills [...]

Under new Management...1/48 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3, Royal Romanian Airforce

Built in 2015. Trumpeter kit oob, seatbelts and antenna wire added, Gunze and Tamiya paints for camo and finish, fuselage band and tri-color rudder are painted, rest of markings are decals from Avalon. Model shows a Soviet aircraft that [...]

Trumpeter 1:48 MiG-3 Late Version

This is said to be the aircraft of Capt. A.V. Schopov, of 6 IAP, 6 IAK (Fighter Air Corps), IA-PVO (Moscow Air Defence), winter 1941/42. There is no photo of the aircraft. The box top shows gun pods under the wings but none are in the kit [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-3 (401th Special Purpose Fighter Aviation Regiment)

Hello! We continue). Model of the Soviet MiG-3 fighter from Trumpeter - if someone else has not bought it, I highly recommend it. Very nice to build and good in quality. Worked in pleasure). A variant of the fighter of the 401st Special [...]

Mikoyan-Gurovich Mig-3

Trumpeter 1:48 Tamiya paints