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Polishing of airliner model.

High gloss is the basis for airliner models. The secret lies in lacquering, grinding and polishing the surface. Suitable abrasive materials, polish and polishing wipes are needed. The result is a high gloss of the model.

Aero Futurism. Art movement circa 1930’s

A friend saw me putting together a model the other day. They exclaimed "Oh, your like an engineer". I replied, "Actually, more like an artist." ==Aeropainting or sometimes aero-futurism.== Aeropittura (Aeropainting) was a major expression of th[...]

“Tin-Canning” Submarine Hull: Does Anyone Know How to Do It? Need Some Feedback?

1st thing I would like to say is "These are not my models". They are the pictures of a model I-400 JPN Sub made by "Hyun Soo Kin". I am making the same model using the Tamiya 1/350 I-400 Sub model. I also have the Infinity Detail-Up PE kit wi[...]