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Model Competition Results and Update

Last week, I competed at the commies fest competition with a few familiar old models as well as several new additions to the collection featuring various Warhammer 40K miniatures (some not so mini) including a group of Imperial Knights [...]

Space Bears

The Space Bears are a faction of the Warhammer Universe. My interpretation is based on the Ojibwe Nation of northern Wisconsin. Please check out the video and don't forget to Like and Subscribe! (link)

Batch Painting 84 Space Marines

I had no idea when I started this project how many miniature figures I was about to paint. As I started doing a bit of research on batch painting techniques most of the suggestions were centered around working in small batches to help stay [...]

Decima and the Incarnate Slaughter!a Warhammer 40K diorama

The Chaos Knights Army set was purchased a while back by a friend who wanted a diorama built for his display case. As the box sat on my shelf waiting... there were multiple concepts. I've built knights before, the box art didn't really [...]

'How To' TutorialChipping 101

Join me and Jack(ie) T. Ripper as we show you how to get nice, shiny, natural metal chipping on your model using chipping fluid. Might contain several bad jokes and internet culture tropes. (link)

Video: Warhammer 40k Necron Overlord step by step