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B-17 Done!

June 12, 2017 in Aviation

Well here she is, mostly out of the box, I did use a squadron main canopy, Eduard ignition harnesses, and a Cheyenne tail turret from the Monogram Pro Modeler kit, graciously donated to me by a Hyperscaler. I did not build her as any particular aircraft, but a representative one, though I did go with things a bit different as a non staggered waist with Cheyenne turret, which I saw a couple of in books I have. I sure enjoyed the build, but man was she hard to photograph!

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23 responses to B-17 Done!

  1. Pics (and build) came out well enough, Rob. When I photographed mine, I took it outside and used the zoom function.

  2. Great build Rob,from what I can see all detail is crisp and clear(the hard photography would not have been Old Rasputin?)

  3. Beautiful bird Rob. I think you got the weathering just right

  4. Very nice! Love the B-17 in all it’s livery, but NMF makes for the more colorful birds. Great job on it.

  5. Cool B-17 Rob! I like the weathering chips, very convincing, as is the smoke stains from the props.

  6. Yep, nice looking glass of dark dregs. The B-17 is quite a glorious looking bird to boot.

  7. Great build! came out superb.

  8. Imperial Russian beer with Rasputin the holy Devil! Now there’s a statement! Who makes that ? Being a History guy and beer drinker, it seems a perfect match.
    Love the Monogram B-17! You did a fine job on her, and she looks the part.

  9. Old Rasputin is brewed by North Coast Brewing Company Fort Bragg California. It is a very hearty stout, it’s like Guinness squared (real Guinness, not the funky stuff with the little fizzy thing in the bottle) 9%, but very smooth, which of course makes it a wee bit dangerous, as you can down a few before it hits you square between the eyes!

  10. Your B-17 looks great my friend. I’ll bet the wooden floor parts turned out nice too……………. I really like it Rob.

  11. Nice looking B-17, the subtle weathering really sets it off.

  12. Nice work. The Monogram B-17G can always look good.

    for future reference: if you dip that glass nose in Future, you can un-craze it a bit. Also, Squadron Vac Canopies does the 1/48 B-17G. Worth it only to use the nose cap, if only to give the world a good look at all that nice work I am pretty sure you did in there (if I could see through that molding – the one bad part in that kit).

  13. VERY nice, Rob! It looks ready for its’ next mission. The finish is great!

  14. Great work Rob very nice level of weathering – great NMF as well

  15. Very nice, Rob. An oldie but goodie. Thanks for sharing photos with us.


  16. Great job! Love the restrained weathering!

  17. Great build amazing details


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