Modeling by Frank Cronin



by Frank Cronin on August 25, 2016 in Aviation -- 14 Comments

This is another restoration for the same gentleman collector I have been working with for several years. I am submitting it as another post for the “Water Wings” Group. I am again going to try to post all the photos […]


Air France Catalina

by Frank Cronin on August 25, 2016 in Aviation -- 11 Comments

This is another addition to the “Water Wings” Group that I did a while back. Bear with me I will have to enter each photo individually to post them. Hope it works. This is another restoration of a model for […]


B.O.A.C Short “Hythe”

by Frank Cronin on August 25, 2016 in Aviation -- 10 Comments

This was not a kit and I restored this within this last year but I am submitting it anyway to the Water Wings Group build. The short “Hythe” was the civilized version of the Short Sunderland. It was brought into […]


Saro S. 45 Princess

by Frank Cronin on August 25, 2016 in Aviation -- 11 Comments

I completed this model about a month ago so I hope it applies as my contribution to the “Water Wings” group build. This is a Cloudbreak Models, 1/200 resin kit of the Sanders Roe S.45 Princess. It is a finely […]


P-47D flown by F/O Charles A.Wambier of the 355th FG, 358th FS on December 30,1943

by Frank Cronin on October 13, 2015 in Aviation -- 21 Comments

This model depicts the P-47 that was being flown by F/O Wambier when he was shot down by an FW-190 of JG-26. On December 30,1943. He was returning to his home base after a bomber escort mission. Also downed on […]


P-47D flown by Captain, Carl F. “Cully” Ekstrom, 355th FG, 358th FS.

by Frank Cronin on February 24, 2015 in Aviation -- 18 Comments

Captain Ekstrom 358th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group, on his fifty first combat mission, was killed in action 30th December 1943 flying P-47D serial no. 42-8526. He entered the Service from North Dakota. He was married to his wife Myrtle […]


Hasagawa P-3 Orion of VP-19.Flown out of Moffet Field , CA during 1977-78.

by Frank Cronin on February 16, 2015 in Aviation -- 24 Comments

This is the very old 1/72 Hasagawa kit. That was done in the late 70’s. It was attached to VP-19 and was stationed at NAS Moffet Field in Sunnyvale, CA. The kit shows it’s age but was still a very […]


“Flattery” 1929 Ford Pickup

by Frank Cronin on December 8, 2014 in Automotive -- 14 Comments

Well I’m back again, have been busy with a lot of projects. I got another request to build of all things, a 1929 Ford. This time it is a pickup truck. This request differs from the “Little Woodie from H@#$%.” […]


The little Woodie from H#@%*

by Frank Cronin on September 16, 2014 in Automotive -- 23 Comments

This is a study of what not to ever do and I did it. I almost took a trip to the GG Bridge, not for me, but to thrown this POS over the side and into the Bay. I got […]


D-Day plus 20 days. P-38J 55th FS, 20th FG

by Frank Cronin on June 26, 2014 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

P–38J, 42-67916 KI * S of the 55th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group, 8th AF. Kingscliffe UK. This Lightening, “California Cutie” was flown by 1st Lieutenant Richard O. Loehnert. I was unable to find any information on Loehnert in an […]