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Hi folks, I’m in my early thirties and live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I work as a cook offshore in the oil and gas industry. I’m fairly new to the rigs but previously worked as a chef in hotels and restaurants. I’m more than happy to trade cooking secrets for modelling tips!
I like to build most modelling genres although I’m more interested in modern engineering.
I have many other hobbies also. I play guitar and piano and love a bit of heavy metal. I’m keen on motor sports and enjoy driving and riding myself. On the quiet days I like a spot of fishing or a bit of quality time with the Playstation!

Challenger 1 mk 3

I've been promising this one for a while! Sorry for the delay, I thought this would be finished ages ago, but you know how it is! Plus I thought I'd best leave it for a bit after Bernd's show winning Challenger, I wasn't in a hurry to follow tha[...]

McLaren F1 GTR

Happy New Year everybody! This is the completed article from my recent work in progress that some of you have been following. Thanks for the kind words and advice along the way. To many this car will not need an introduction! It is the 1995 Le [...]

The end of an E-Type?

Firstly apologies to you all for destroying an iconic and legendary piece of British automotive engineering and history. Just thought I would need to get that out of the way! This is actually my first model I have done on commission, it is fo[...]

AH-64 D

This is the Apache Longbow as I'm sure you are all well aware, this version is the AH-64 D. This is a more recent model of the famous attack chopper incorporating advanced radar and targeting systems. There are very few obvious differences betwe[...]

YZF R1 Racing

Hi everyone, I apologise for my lack of build activity in recent months, I now have my new man cave fully operational so I can get back to it! This is the Tamiya 1:12 Taira racing R1 kit. I received it as a Xmas present from the sister in law la[...]

Yoshimura Hayabusa X-1

Merry Christmas everyone! Got my Megabusa ready just in time before the festivities commence! This is the Tamiya 1:12 kit, and it goes without saying that it was a kit of their usual standard, nicely detailed and fit together perfect. The X-1 w[...]

F16CJ Block 50

This is the Tamiya 1:32 kit (Block 50), used in the second Gulf war I believe, and has been a work in progress for some time. This is also the first airplane I have built since I was a kid, and indeed a learning curve. My original attempt was t[...]

Bell AH-1 Huey Cobra, “The Gremlin”.

Hi guys, this is the old Vietnam Huey Cobra in 1:32 scale by Revell. I have no idea how old this kit is, older than me I think, as the it is no longer in production. I managed to find it on E-bay for a bargain price complete with extra decal she[...]

AH-64 Apache

I don't really think this machine needs much of an introduction! Here it is equipped with sidewinder missiles in 1:32nd scale. The kit is an old Revell kit from 1986, I managed to get it for twenty quid on E-bay! The seatbelts are aftermarket ho[...]

Yamaha YZF R1

Hi everyone, this is my Yamaha R1. It's a Tamiya 1:12 kit, and the kit had been sat in my wardrobe still in the box for about ten years! It was originally the Taira racing kit but I haven't really followed the colour scheme. I managed to get the[...]