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F-100D Super Sabre ‘Pahodee Tiger’

Hello all. So here’s my just completed Trumpeter 1:48 ‘Hun’. What a kit !!, simply fell together with almost no input from me. Only additions are a Quickboost seat and Eduard pre-painted etch set for the pit – neither of […]

F-100 D Super Sabre (Trumpeter, Eduard, 1:48)

Hello friends, this is one of my older builds from 2014…I like the Sabre very much, also the colorful markings on those old birds. It must have been like riding a bullett when flying with it – can only imagine […]

Just finished, F-100D Super Sabre

Fresh off the bench is my latest, the North American F-100D Super Sabre, a Trumpeter 1/48 scale kit. I didn’t start out to build models of jets, but this my 3rd one now, so I guess they are pretty fun […]

Trumpeter’s F-100C Super Sabre in 1/48.

this is the Trumpeter F-100C kit which I built some 3 years ago. I had absolutely no trouble with it apart from a little bit of fettling around the air intake. Finish is Alclad & decals by Xtra Decals. The […]

F-100 D Super Sabre

This is Monogram’s classic Super Sabre in 1/48 scale. It is typical 70’s and 80’s Monogram with raised panel detail and good detail ie. open gun bay ammo chute, open speed brake and raised cockpit details. This model represents an […]

TuAF F-100C

TuAF F-100C has landed. You can see the building process from Work in progress section.

F-100F Super Sabre in NMF, Italeri 1/72

This F-100F Super Sabre from Italeri was originaly mentioned to be built as just-for-fun kit. I wanted to test new Alclad II colors, which I never used before. I also wanted to build airplane with NMF. Therefore I bought this […]

Scratch built (wood) F-100 in 1/32-scale

This Super Sabre was built as a commission for a client in Australia. It is covered with various types of aluminum skin as per the the real aircraft. It was built well before the currently plastic offering was released. It […]

Trumpeter 1/32 F-100D Super Sabre

North American first began thinking about making a supersonic fighter in 1948. There were two ways to go at the time: a very big fighter powered by a very big engine, or Something Else, something only dimly seen at the […]

1/32 F-100D Super Sabre – Trumpeter

Thud was one of the most effective aircraft of Turkish Air Force for 30 years . I built this model to the memory of Capt. Cengiz Topel who shot down in this aircraft and killed after bailed out over Cyprus […]

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