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Takom 1/35 Chieftain Mk10 Track Bash

May 19, 2021 · in Armor · · 1 · 1.5K
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Well here's the latest instalment of the work on my Mk10. I've put together and weathered the tracks before final fitting. I used the Vallejo Air acrylic wheel and track set. For the base colour I used Halfords red primer. I then used the paint sets black paint to paint on the inside of the track a dark "path" where the wheels would have come into contact with the track. I thinned the paint down and laid down several layers, until the track was nice and dark, but with the base red still barely showing through. I used the same thinned black on the outside of the track on the raised areas and along the outside in line with the guide holes in the tracks. I only did a few layers of black this time, allowing the red to show through more. Next went on the rust colour from the set, again, thinned so that there is only a hint of colour. Finally, I used un-thinned gunmetal and dry brushed it over the raised ares and all over the inside of the tracks. Next will be to fit the track pads... tomorrows job I guess!

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  1. Thoe tracks look great, my friend @ianfoulk96 !
    Love the weathering!

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