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1/32 Revell Ju-87B Stuka

September 22, 2021 · in Aviation · · 33 · 2.6K

This was built as part of the Desert Air War group build . There are several great builds going on in that group .

There are many interpretations of this particular aircraft. After much looking around the internet and looking at photos of many nice models and of actual Stukas with the snake markings, I found one that I liked and used it for inspiration during this build. Morné @mornem was the builder of that I found right here on imodeler. He has given me a lot of help with this project.

The kit didn't have any serious fit issues or notable gaps. The decals were still useable despite being very old and caused no problems.

Although my skills and techniques still need improvement , I'm happy with the way this old kit turned out. It makes a nice addition to my collection.

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  1. Jay, @ssgt
    You have really hit a home run with your Stuka. It looks marvelous ! Having these original pictures, and I'm sure the additional information from Morne was very helpful.

    I can remember making a very hard decision when I was a kid. I was 8 years old, and trying to pick out which 1/32 scale Revell airplane model I wanted to build as my very first plastic model kit...ever. It was a toss up between this plane you have built here, the Bf-109G (that had incredible box art showing the 109 taking off on a snowy runway), and the P-40E "Flying Tiger" that also had some great box art with the P-40 diving through the Japanese bomber formation.

    In the end I picked the P-40... the rest as they say is "history". I definitely pressed the "like" button.

  2. Superb job on a challenging older kit, Jay. Your airbrush work is really nice on the camo and the weathering is just right. I gather from your GB entries that you used both pre-shading and post-shading techniques. Your balanced approach really paid off. I am truly impressed that you got the older kit decals to perform so well. The snake looks great on both sides. As I look at your completed model I am convinced that it easily stands up to kits like the Hasegawa D model, which I am currently building. The raised rivets are actually more authentic on the older kit. Thanks for your enthusiastic quality participation in the DAW GB. I hope you take on more projects with us, if you find the time.

    • Thank you, Colin @coling… the Desert air War group was a great idea, I’ve always liked the MTO. Watching “Rat Patrol” and “McHales navy” ( the PT-73 & crew was transferred to Italy for several episodes ) as a kid must have made me partial to that area.

      I need to see what other kits I can find that might fit the criteria for the group build.

      I’ve read about people sanding all those rivets off the Revell Stuka, “ they” say if you do that it will compete with the Hasegawa Stuka. Raised detail like that has never bothered me enough to go to all that work, I’m just a casual modeler though.

  3. Ah, memories... like the corners of my mind... great work, Jay.

    Like Louis, this was one of the first kits that takes me back, and that I was able to see built up; my parents bought it for my Christmas when I was about 11 and still not really allowed to be let loose on my own with models! Although it was all built and painted by my dad for my Christmas, unbeknown to my folks, I had found it in a cupboard when I was asked to retrieve something from said cupboard... obviously, it hadn't been particularly well hidden! After that, and whenever my folks were out of sight, I'd open the cupboard again and gaze excitedly at the contents, the parts in the their transparent pack, and read and re-read all of the instructions. I was upset one day when the kit was no longer there, but in a sense, it heightened my anticipation as my dad only built biplane kits, so he wasn't the intended recipient... ;-).

    You've turned out a really smart finish, and nice to see this childhood favourite once again. Well done.



    • I appreciate your comments , Paul @paulh, thank you.
      One of the reasons I seem to so frequently build older models like this Stuka is for the pleasant memories I have of building them back in the 1970s.

    • Memories... count me in.

      Before I was considered ready to be set loose with enamels and glue that would ruin any surface they touched, I rode shotgun as my dad built the first few plastic models that would grace the ceiling of my room... this Stuka would have been the last one he did (I was 6 or 7 at the time), and joined the 1/72 F-100D, box-scale multimedia P-51D, and other Revell 1/32 classics, the P-38J and Hurricane Mk.I, as the only 5 models suspended from the ceiling until I turned 8... and began an 8-year run of blacking out the bedroom skies above me, schoolwork be damned. 😉

      Thanks for sharing, and looping me into the nostalgia.

  4. Great looking Stuka, that old kit has a good profile and you have aced it. Surprised the decals still worked. I remember when I did it (in the era before Solvaset) those rivets defied all attempts to get that snake tamed.
    Yeah the P-40 was my first "real" modelling job (past the kid stage), Oh how I begged my dear Dad to get it for me. Those Revell 1/32's were a ground breaking series of models for sure.

    • Hi Bill @billkoppos… thanks for the comments. I did use micro sol and set on the decals. It did seem help them settle down pretty nice. Old decals can be hit or miss, I’m really glad the snake decals worked. Earlier this year I built a Hasegawa F-101 Voodoo from the 1970s, it’s decals also were fine. Maybe decals were made better back in those days.

  5. Your skills and ability look pretty darn good here @ssgt.

  6. Nicely done! I wore out the pages of Revell's 1969 catalog, checking out this and other releases.

  7. Awesome build, Jay @ssgt
    Your snake decorated Stuka is a real gem.
    The first picture shows the aircraft in its elements.
    It was a real pleasure to follow your thread and see how this oldie turned into a superb Stuka.

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Thank you !
    You have just given this Revell classic a new spot light.
    Memories come to mind as one sees this model and the glorious box art work.
    Every one of those 1/32 scale Revell kits made for a good, nice and interesting collection.
    Your STUKA is a very good piece of work, nice results. Good work Jay, thank you for sharing these images and for the journey thru memory lane.

  9. Amazing job, Jay!
    Really nice to see this old kit build in excellency. And, yes, the raised riveting looks very "right".
    Great build thread and very nice pic taking, as well.

  10. Beautiful work Jay, the snake is perfect for this plane. Very nice paint job and great job applying that snake decal! I never had this kit but remembered looking and holding the box plenty of times.

    • Thank you Bob @v1pro …I appreciate your compliments. I build one many years ago, didn’t remember too much about it other then thinking how cool the red snake looked. I was pleased with how well the parts fit together, better then many new release models I’ve built in recent years . If you ever get the chance to buy one, you’ll enjoy building it.

  11. Hello Spiros @fiveten ! Thank you ! The Desert Air War group has a lot of nice projects going on, I’m glad I had this Stuka in my stash of kits so I could participate.

    I found that desert poster and thought it’d make a good background for the Stuka as well as the Me-109 I recently completed. I had it dry mounted to some foam core artist board. I need some German ground crew and pilot figures to add to the scene.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  12. Factory fresh, and looking really, REALLY good.

  13. Jay your Stuka is a winner for sure. You made this rough diamond shine in all the right places. A new tune can always be played on an old fiddle. The base and background look very realistic and adds to the visual appeal. Well done!

    • Your help was instrumental @mornem. I’ve enjoyed working on this project. I’m happy with it , imperfections and all.

      I’ve been looking for posters to use as backgrounds. My old interest in photography is coming back , trying to make my model’s portraits look better.

  14. Fantastic work Jay. Reminds me of making this kit as a child. I like the paint job, great work!

  15. Looks great! This was one of the few 1/32 kits I built as a kid and had hanging from my ceiling - I'm very fond of this scheme for that reason. Well done.

  16. 1/32 Revell kits still build into great models, Jay (@ssgt). Well done.

  17. Yes they do ! Thank you George @gblair for the compliment!

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