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"Dude...just walk away!" An 'Alien' Diorama

Anyone who's ever seen any of the films from the 'Alien' franchise knows that the first rule of space adventuring is 'stay away from the strange leathery egg things'. Unfortunately this guy did not get that memo. A little diorama inspired [...]

2022- A model building odyssey! or: an orbiter as a New Year's greeting: happy 2023 folks! (just imagine Richard Strauss waltz "An der schönen blauen Donau") Space Clipper Orion III

Space Clipper Orion III, Moebius Models 1:144 Do you know what I liked most about this project? The view of our blue planet, gorgeous, precious beautiful - and impressively captured by the photographers from zero gravity! Although the idea [...]

Sandtrooper riding Dewback

My love of Star Wars started when I was 7. My Dad took me to the theater in Ashland, WI shortly after Episode IV - A New Hope opened. As we sat there eating popcorn the giant star destroyer entered the scene and just kept getting bigger. I [...]

USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701, Star Trek Strange New Worlds version 1/2500 polar light.

USS Enterprise "strange new worlds", last job 2022, very nice kit, easy construction, excellent decals with aztek pattern,... metallic aluminum paint, clear red, clear blue, clear green, White, gold leaf, gunship gray...18 cm [...]

Warhammer 40KAcastus Knight Asterius

One of the more elaborate projects I've ever worked on. This was a present for a friend I teach with. The other instructors and myself all chipped in to buy this stupidly expensive model kit, I ended up purchasing a bunch more parts from [...]

I-4100 "Ushimisako" (I-400 retrofit), lets stop being serious!

I bought this model in Telford this year and I did not know about this anime series much, although I am big fan of japanese animes and mangas. (I will fill this cultural gap soon.) When I inspected the kit, I almost immediately decided to [...]

Moon Wraith: Bandai 1/100 Hazel Owsla

It’s been a while to say the least! But here is my latest build that is finally complete after a funk, then taking months to build (procrastinating, lack of motivation, then overdrive! Lol). The moon terrain is scratch built using, [...]

TIE Interceptor (1/90)

The TIE fighters have always been one of my favorites in the Star Wars genre. Even if I prefer the classic ones, I have opted for the slightly more "sporty" variant. This is actually my Tie second fighter, the first one was still [...]

Wake Rider Anti-Gravity Bike

This build was inspired by Clint Young, who is a 3D artist professional, working with Lucasfilm. I got the go ahead, to do a 3D print of his 3D art design, called Hover Hogg. The Original image of his work can be seen on Instagram, [...]

Tuk Tuk Anti-Gravity Taxi

I have been on a roll with hover vehicles since my last major 1:50 scale build. Here is one of two, anti-gravity vehicles. My version of an anti-gravity tuk-tuk taxi. A mixture of old school and sci-fi technology, with a hint of derelic [...]