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Science fiction, fantasy and mecha model building.

AMT/Ertl Vinyl Rancor

I started this kit by heating and trimming all of the over pours of vinyl, then filling the legs with pre-mixed drywall plaster for weight. The parts all fit very well, with a judicious application of a hot hair dryer and a mix of thin and thic[...]

STEAMPUNK ALERT! Resin and photo etch Dragonfly in 35th scale

This is one of the fabulous kits that are created by fitchenfoo, and produced by This is Doktor Orpheus Odonata’s “Dragonfly” Odonopter Type One. The kit itself consists of 40 beautifully cast grey resin pieces, four she[...]

Mostly Star Wars

Star Wars TIE/LN Fighter

Here is my TIE fighter I just completed this evening. It is a Revell snap together stripped and repainted and converted to a "glue model". Scale is unknown but may be 1/32?? I did all of the normal build stuff, parts clean up, seam sanding, et[...]

Tesla Tank

hello everyone, i would like to present my vision of tesla tank inspired with Red alert game, set in near future. It has M113 chassis, computer mouse as lower turret, spark plugs as Tesla coil turrets, and BMP1 turret. in addition there were u[...]

Our 5 week mission :)

So I am finally done with the Polar Lights Enterprise. So how was it? Well dog would be too strong, but darn I wish someone would make a Sci Fi kit that wasn't a bear to build that didn't cost an arm and a leg. It being a snap fit, took lots [...]

1:540 USS Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey

This is my Discovery One form 2001. It's one of my favorite movies, and I always wanted a model of the Discovery. Ones on the market are big and very expensive, so I designed my own in 123D from Autocad. I scaled it to be 12 inches long and t[...]

Matilda Swann – Steam Wars

This is a Steampunk conversion of two 1/35 injection kits. As a 'named' subject, it may well belong in the 'Figures' category, or, 'Armor', given that the original vehicle is a military model, but I've included it here in 'Sci-Fi' instead, becau[...]

SCI-FI helicopter

the cobras from master craft hobbykits were so bad that only solution was reincarnation through SCI-FI. pilot is in the middle and guner with navigator on the left, mix of conventional and energy weapons - the barrel in right fuselage should [...]

The Mysterians!

Love them or hate them, TOHO Company movies of the 1950's were popular in Japan and the USA. Films like Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Battle in Outer Space and King Ghidorah generated huge revenues for the Japanese film studios. Every movie had a "s[...]