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Build update on 6 1/32 scale AV8BII Harriers commission build for the USMC Blacksheeps

Whew! This is a hell of a project, one that can drive you nuts, especially if the kit is sub par. The way I am tackling it is by doing each section completely for one aircraft and I figure out any issues during assembly of that step. Once [...]

Building 6 1/32 scale Harriers for the USMC Blacksheep Squadron

Announcing my biggest model project to date. I have been asked to build 6 AV8B II Plus Harriers to celebrate the Blacksheep Squadron. I am completely honored to build this beautiful aircraft (times six) for such an historic squadron. I [...]

1/32 Scale Tamiya F-4 Phantom II VMFAT-101 SharpShooters

Hello again! Here is my latest build for a former F-4 pilot and member of USMC VMFAT-101. This kit is the Tamiya 1/32 scale kit. From what I can tell this is an older kit, but still a fairly straight forward. Added a real aluminum exhaust [...]

The "Hangar-Games" Part II. The inside of GPM Hangar building

(link) The second film of GPM's hangar shows the inside. If you have half as much fun watching it as I had making it, it's good 🙂

The "Hangar Games" are open! GPM aircraft hangar videos, part I

(link) Recently I was able to complete a cardboard model of a hangar that I will use to stage model aircraft. As a pastime, I tried my hand at making films - although it is already clear that I am not a Steven Spielberg! 🙂 But it was [...]

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Aviation has been a large part of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s history. To preserve it , the Air & Space Museum was created to show case items that have a link to Tulsa’s aviation history. Today I visited it for the first time in a couple of [...]

Eduard F4F-3 Wildcat, 1/48. 'The Navy's First Ace'

Following Eduard's amazing 2022 new tooling of the infamous A6M2, I eagerly looked forward to their rendition of the Wildcat and this kit certainly doesn't disappoint. Unsurprisingly the first Wildcat Eduard releases is the F4F-3, [...]

Tamiya F4U-1C, 1/48. The Sky Pirates.

One omission from the plethora of Corsair models out there is the F4U-1C, in fact there isn't even a company that offers a resin conversion set for this type. Not wanting to miss out on the only -1 variant I haven't yet built I decided to [...]

Somewhat Out of the Norm

The Tamiya family of 1/48th scale FockeWulf 190s have long been pilloried by certain elements of the modeling community as being heavily flawed, to the point where some have even stated that the kits aren't worth building. I've always [...]

Lucky Gallon FG-1 Tamiya 1/48th

Here is the latest for fans of the Cleveland Air Races. Cook’s Lucky Gallon in 1/48th. New lower carb scoop, abbreviated oil cooler inlets and I made a plug for the tail wheel doors. I had lots of help from the guys on the FB racing page [...]