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Scallop Trawler WILLIAM C BAKER, 1962

A type of boat found in every New England fishing port, the WILLIAM C BAKER was typical of wooden commercial draggers of the era. Referred to as an "Eastern Rig" (East coast design) or "Side Trawler", this class of [...]

Waco (Glider series)

Hi to all of you Another series have just done by my father. We have to thanks to Luis Cid who made the special decals to complete our Waco CG-4A / Hadrian series which include the following models Here are the final photos which also [...]

Wooden concept models of proposed Orbiter carriers

I was contacted and asked to restore two wooden concept models, I was told, that the models were made by Jack Conroy, the designer of the “Guppy”. Both of the models are very skillfully made and show the real talent and skill of the [...]

D-Day Plus 4

At the personal direction of President Roosevelt, 60 Coast Guard sub chasers were transfered from America's East coast to Poole England. Here the boats were stripped of part of their ASW gear and re-formed into Rescue Flotilla One. It's [...]

It ain't plastic but it is scale....Maurice Farman...

From my Brother Keith in Tuscon Arizona comes this creation. It flys! It's R/C if you look careful you will see the real engine under the water-cooled one. Wingnut Wings-Bah Humbug! Don't know the scale but I'm sure it's big.

Nantucket Lightship (WLV-613) On Station, 1975

"The two loneliest things I ever saw" mused an old whaling captain "was a polar bear on an ice floe and the second thing was the Nantucket Lightship". Lightships were the technological answer to building a lighthouse [...]

Scratchbuilt “Bosphorus Steamer Ferry”: 1/100 S/S KANLICA

This time a different thing from the long past. This is 1/100 scratchbuilt model of S/S Kanlıca which was one of the nine sisters passenger steamers served in Istanbul Bosphorus in different lines including Prince ‘s islands since [...]

Another Bosworth Beauty: 1/32 Ryan B.1 Brougham"The MGM plane"

Another one from Bill. From his e-mail: In 1927 MGM contracted with Ryan to take a B1 Brougham and to convert it to carry Leo the MGM lion on a promotional tour of the East Coast. The plane was modified with the installation of a cage [...]

Last one: Bill Bosworth's 1/32 scratchbuilt Bell YFM-1 Airacuda

"I'm not worthy!" Erik Shilling, who actually flew this contraption in 1940, told me it had to be towed to the takeoff point on the runway to avoid overheating, and because it was all-electric, if you lost the generator (as he [...]

Bill Bosworth1/32 scratchbuilt Fw-189 "Uhu"

One of those "I think I'll take up stamp collecting after seeing this" models. 1/32 scratchbuilt Fw-189 "Uhu" in winter camouflage.