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Sopwith-Triplane 1/72 Revell

Old set and very primitive. But in my scale uncontested. Read more: Best regards, Vlad.

PCM 1/32 Tempest V, Srs. 2

This will be more fully reviewed at Modeling Madness this Wednesday. The kit decals were modified to do “Foob” Fairbanks’ EJ762, using the new photo Chris Thomas has received that shows the full left side of the airplane after it […]

More work on the “Cave”

Small room, but feel blessed to have a space, not sure about the other walls, but these I like and I am just about ready to start gluing and painting again! Not sure where to hang my flight jacket, I […]

F6F-3 Kit award by iModeler

A belated thank you for recognizing one of my articles with this award. I appreciate it very much and I have every intention to make this model a future article from me. I truly like Navy an Marine Corps subjects […]

Public Service Announcement

I wouldn’t normally post an in progress build here but this one needs to be shown so anyone else contemplating this kit will know what they are getting into. This is the Revell 1st rerelease of the Renwall “Military Wrecker” […]

Italieri F 16 1/48

This is my latest build , it is the Italieri F16 , I have to say the pictures make it look better than it is, there are quite a few fit issues with this kit which required filler, also the […]

War of the Worlds Classic Illustrated Edition

“Across the gulf of space…intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely they drew their plans against us”… From H.G.Wells “War of the Worlds” novel I read those words some 50 years […]

Eduard 1/48 Nieuport-17 VVS RKKA

Again, the red stars! This time it’s Nieuport-17 aircraft of the Baltic Fleet, the 20-ies. Model repainted, it was originally a Nieuport labeled “Bob.” Almost all the small things were manufactured from scratch. Coloring was done with a mixture of […]

1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2

The 1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2, using Lifelike Decals to do the airplane flown by Hans Phillip as 4 Staffel Kapitaen of II/JG 54 in 1941. Always liked the “lizard scheme” of camouflage JG 54 created. Full review today over at Modeling […]

Happiness is!)))

Finally Spitfire on my desk! The wait was exciting, but the mail Russia still handle the job! Many thanks to all who so appreciated my work. Thank iModeler, you’re the best!))) Promise- ready-made Spitfire first appears here on iModeler